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Solidarität mit der Studierendenbewegung im Iran!

Posted by entdinglichung - 10. Dezember 2007

Nachfolgend das Statement der Kommunistischen Partei Iran (CPI), in welcher sich diese mit der Demonstration zum diesjährigen „Tag der Studierenden“ (einige Bilder von den Protesten gibt es hier, einen Bericht hier) solidarisiert. Gleichfalls auf der Homepage der CPI zu finden, ist die Dezember-Ausgabe der Worker’s Voice, welche neben Berichten aus der iranischen ArbeiterInnenbewegung auch einen interessanten Brief der CPI an die libanesische KP enthält.

The Communist Party of Iran (CPI) Declaration on the Arrest of the Activists of the Iranian Student Movement

At the threshold of the 7th of December (16th of Azar) and while the leftist and freedom-loving leaders and activists in the Iranian student movement were arranging for a ceremony on this occasion on December 4th, three days ahead of the actual event, the intelligence ministry of the Islamic regime in Iran and its security forces scared of the students’ measures on this occasion started the arrests of the student activists in an organized way while continuing the pressures and the threats.


Sunday afternoon of December 2nd, the regime’s oppressive forces arrested the student activists Mehdi Grayloo, Behrooz Karimizade, Anoshe Azadfar, Elnaz jamshidi and Ehsan Azadfar. The regime’s security forces have taken away part of the arrestees’ personal belongings to keep as documents and evidence after breaking into and searching their places. At the same time they laid siege to Tehran University in order to arrest more activists in the student movement. The regime’s intelligence office has also called in a group of the students.

There is no doubt that these organized assaults on the student activists ‘ homes and the siege of the university for trapping other activists are efforts to intimidate the student movement and prevent the ceremonies on the 7th of December (16th of Azar).

If the students in the freedom-loving and socialist front want to cherish the memory of the struggles made for freedom and against the Pahlavi coup-d’état regime as well as the memory of the revolutionary and progressive traditions in the students movement by commemorating the 7th of December (16th of Azar), the Islamic regime in Iran wants to display its oppressive potentials to strangulate any voices of freedom by clashing with this front.

The activists and leaders of the student movement hand in hand with the workers and other social movements must try to impose a setback on the regime’s policy of suppression and terror in a united and organised way and do not allow the regime in Iran to achieve its goals.

The communist party of Iran condemns the arrest of these activists in the student movement and at the same time asks all the worker and democratic unions and organizations inside Iran as well as all the human right and freedom-loving organizations and unions in the world to condemn the oppressive policy of the Islamic regime regarding the student movement, condemn the arrest of the activists of this movement and demand their unconditional release.

The Communist Party of Iran asks all the political organizations and institutions, all the supporters of the Iranian freedom-loving and social movements both inside and outside Iran to conduct a wide campaign hand in hand against the regime’s oppressive policies in Iran and for the release of the activists in the student movement.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran

December 3rd 2007 (12th of Azar 1386)

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