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Posted by entdinglichung - 30. Dezember 2007

gibt es jetzt auch beim Marxists Internet Archive


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Solidarity with Angelo Lucifero!

Posted by entdinglichung - 30. Dezember 2007

Angelo Lucifero, a secretary of the service workers union Ver.di in the state of Thüringen/Germany and anti-fascist activist is in danger of being sacked by his union as a fulltimer, because of defending himself with a blank gun against neo-nazis, who attacked him, one year ago. Now, he will be tried for this justified act of self-defense by a court in Erfurt on the 16th January; the Ver.di leadership leaves him in the lurch for pleasing the state’s repression bodies and the neo-nazis. More informationen and links about the whole issues can be found on the homepage of the GewerkschafterInnen gegen Rechts (in German).


By any means necessary!

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