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Erwin Geschonneck (1906-2008)

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Heute starb Erwin Geschonneck; Schauspieler, Antifaschist und Kommunist, der u.a. in den Filmen Kuhle Wampe (1931), Karbid und Sauerampfer (1963) und Jakob der Lügner (1974) mitwirkte. Seit 1929 KPD-Mitglied und Mitglied von Agitprop-Theatergruppen, floh er 1933 vor dem Nationalsozialismus in Exil, 1938/39 im Rahmen der „Grossen Säuberung“ zum Verlassen der Sowjetunion gezwungen, fiel er 1939 der Gestapo in die Hände und überlebte die Konzentrationslager Sachsenhausen, Dachau und Neuengamme sowie den Untergang der Cap Arcona. In der DDR zählte er zu den beliebtesten SchauspielerInnen des Landes und bewahrte gleichzeitig seine Unangepasstheit.

Eine Szene aus Jakob der Lügner mit Erwin Geschonneck

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Top Ten

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Die am meisten besuchten (und vielleicht auch gelesenen) Artikel der letzten Woche:

* 100 Jahre Internationaler Frauentag – zum 8. März 2007 65
* Als die GAL Hamburg noch manchmal Recht hatte: “Maschinenstürmerei und Sabotage – Produzenten in der Verantwortung” 38
* „The Logan Dossier“ 36
* Demonstrationsaufruf für den 8. März 2008 30
* Keine Beugehaft für Christian Klar, Knut Folkertsund Brigitte Mohnhaupt
* Ein trotzkistisches Flugblatt aus Hamburg von 1931
* Lieber unzivilisiert als servil – Bauarbeiter in Dubai im Streik! 21
* Stellungnahmen von Aborigines-AktivistInnen zur “Entschuldigung” der australischen Regierung 19
* Politischer Aktivist im Iran ausgepeitscht 19
* Auch die „Linke Zeitung“ wird hier nicht mehr verlinkt

Rote Fahne

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Grupo Modelo/Corona feuert 250 GewerkschafterInnen

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Corona ist eine beliebte, „trendige“ mexikanische Biersorte … und in einer Fabrik in San Luis Potosí/Mexiko, wo Flaschen für Corona hergestellt werden, wurden laut nachfolgender Nachricht von LibCom gerade 250 ArbeiterInnen entlassen, weil sie eine unabhängige Gewerkschaft gegründet hatten:

Mexico: 250 Corona bottle makers fired for forming an independent union

More than 250 employees of a factory that manufactures beer bottles for Corona (amongst others) in San Luis Potosí have been fired for associating with a legally recognised independent union. The factory’s owners are also purging the factory of sympathisers of the sacked workers.

Almost two years of unionising activity had resulted in workers ousting the corrupt, mainstream Confederación Revolucionaria de Obreros y Campesinos (CROC) union from the shopfloor of the Industrial Vidriera Potosí (IVP) glass factory and replacing it with the independent Sindicato Único de Trabajadores de la Empresa IVP (SUTEIVP). The union’s first action was to gain a 19% payrise off the employers: Grupo Modelo, who export the weak and tasteless Corona beer internationally, as well as selling a host of beer brands in Mexico.

Upon being informed of their redundancies, the sacked union activists (which included anyone with a delegated post in the SUTEIVP) attempted to a hold a legally-binding strike, only for the national labour abritration panel (the Junta Federal de Conciliación y Arbitraje [JFCyA]) to ban it and block workers from occupying the factory building. In response, the SUTEIVP have erected a permanent picket outside the factory gates.

Grupo Modelo is now cracking down on support for the newly jobless SUTEIVP shopfloor activists. CCTV has been installed in order to monitor their stall and keep records of workers who approach it, and informers have been placed on company transportation to and from the site, with workers being hauled in front of management if „they so much as open a [bus] window and greet picketers“.

IVP workers have also been threatened with redundancy for refusing to sign a contract approving the reinstatement of CROC representation. CROC are affiliated to the state-run Confederación de Trabajadores Mexicanos (CTM), an organism that is entrenched in the Mexican political culture of „charrismo“ and mafiosi-esque corruption. The recent closure of the Grupo Navarra maquiladora in Puebla was also after the victory of an independent union against CROC in factory elections.

SUTEIVP have organised marches from San Luis Potosí to Mexico City (over 400km) and established a permanent presence outside the headquarters of Grupo Modelo and its sister companies, the US embassy and the JFCyA offices in the capital, with whom they have lodged an appeal against their ruling. Internationally, it calls for a boycott of Modelo products, which to readers outside Mexico will mean giving up yuppy favourite Corona beer.

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Clara Fraser (1923-1998)

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Heute am 12. März wäre Clara Fraser, marxistisch-feministische Theoretikerin und Aktivistin und Gründerin der Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) und von Radical Women (RW) 85 Jahre Jahre alt geworden, aus diesem Anlass der vor 10 Jahren veröffentlichte Nachruf:

Clara Fraser, (1923-1998)

American rebel and architect of socialist feminism

CLARA FRASER, THE TRAILBLAZING FEMINIST once described as a „Grand Dame of Socialism“ in a Seattle Post-Intelligencer headline, died on February 24 in Seattle of emphysema. Fraser’s vision, tenacity, and talents profoundly impacted social change movements in the U.S. and internationally. She was only weeks away from her 75th birthday and the release of her new book, Revolution, She Wrote.

Fraser was a „red diaper baby,“ raised in Los Angeles by radical Jewish parents. From her teens on, she was in the forefront of agitation for civil rights and socialism. A strong feminist far in advance of the ’60s women’s liberation movement, her unique and historic contribution was recognition of the interdependence of socialism, feminism, race liberation, and lesbian/gay freedom. Long before diversity became a catchword, she powerfully welded the issues of race, class, sex and lesbian/gay rights into the programmatic framework of the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) and Radical Women (RW), international organizations which she co-founded and led for many years as FSP National Secretary and, at the time of her death, National Chair. She combined Marxist theory, grassroots organizing, interracial solidarity and an emphasis on building united fronts and a workingclass political party.

„Clara taught me and other ’60s radicals to never be afraid to swim against the current,“ says Henry Noble, a friend for 20 years and National Secretary of the FSP. „She was confident history would turn in favor of the rebels and the underdogs. And she was instrumental to winning outstanding victories like divorce reform and abortion rights. Her advice helped me and other Boeing retirees protect our benefits in the recent Boeing strike.“

„There are few people who touched my soul the way Clara did,“ recalls Yolanda Alaniz, National Coordinator of the FSP and RW National Comrades of Color Caucus, now living in Los Angeles. „I loved her dearly and learned so much from the way she lived. This Jewish jewel was honest, had a great sense of humor, and stood up for justice and the oppressed. She taught me to be a creative problem-solver, a Marxist scholar and writer, and to confidently aim high.“


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