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Jeffrey Lewis Low Budget Video History of Communist China

Posted by entdinglichung - 3. April 2008

… gefunden bei Schatten kontrastieren

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Mahmoud Salehi weiterhin im Knast

Posted by entdinglichung - 3. April 2008

Mahmoud Salehi, ehemaliger Vorsitzender der Gewerkschaft der Bäckerei-ArbeiterInnen in der Stadt Saqez in Iranisch-Kurdistan befindet sich weiterhin im Knast, die regionalen Behörden sind offenbar nicht willens, ihn – trotz vollendeter Verbüssung „seiner Haftstrafe“ – freizulassen, nachfolgend eine Meldung von ILRW dazu:


Justice Department officials in Kurdistan province, reluctant to free Mahmoud Salehi

ILRW, 02/04/2008 – Deputy Prosecutor of Kurdistan province vowed on April 2, 2008 not to release Mahmoud Salehi, said Samrand Salehi, Mr. Salehi’s son.
According to Samrand Salehi, after requesting a letter from the central prison in Sanandaj assuring Mahmoud Salehi had ended his hunger strike and after rejecting a 40 million toman ($40000) bail that was set by the judge who is handling the new charges against Mr. Salehi, the Deputy Prosecutor of Kurdistan province, Mr. Amjadi vowed to not release Mahmoud Salehi as long as he holds office in Kurdisran’s Justice Department.
Samrand said that Mahmoud Salehi have not been receiving any medical treatment lately and his father’s health condition is deteriorating in prison.
He said if the authorities in Kurdistan do not move towards mahmoud Salehi’s freedom in coming days, family and friends might stage a protest in front of the judiciary offices in Tehran.
Mahmoud Salehi, the former leader of the Saqez Bakers’ Union, was imprisoned in 2007 for the pursuit of legitimate trade union activities.
A court in Sanandaj has issued a temporary arrest order for Mr. Salehi on March 17, 2008. Charges include outside prison contact and expressing solidarity with his supporters and the leftist students while in jail.
Mahmoud Salehi’s legal prison term ended on March 23, 2008.

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James P. Cannon: Problems and Perspectives of the American Revolution (1964)

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Teil 1
Teil 2
Teil 3
Teil 4
Teil 5

Film produziert von DarkMatter1985

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