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Neuigkeiten zu Mahmoud Salehi

Posted by entdinglichung - 9. April 2008

Der folgende Bericht zur Situation von Mahmoud Salehi stammt von der Homepage von IASWI und enthält eine erste Einschätzung der derzeitigen Lage; in diesem zusammenhang sei ausserdem auf die neue Ausgabe der Arbeiternews (Nr. 26, April 2008, pdf-Datei) des Komitee der Solidarität mit den iranischen ArbeiterInnen – Hamburg hingewiesen, welche neben Nachrichten zu Mahmoud Salehi Berichte zu Klassenauseunandersetzungen im Iran beinhaltet:

Updates on Mahmoud Salehi’s Freedom!
Messages of solidarity from around the world!

April 8, 2008- In his first interview two days after his release from prison, Mahmoud Salehi told a report from Dastranj (http://dastranj.ir) that the labour movement in Iran has been striving for achievement of its basic demands and that his activities during the past two decades have been for this purpose and despite many obstructions he has continued these activities for the realization of the working class goals and objectives. Salehi emphasized that such restrictions will not prevent or affect his efforts in defense of workers’ rights and demands.

According to Sharnews (http://www.sharnews.com), which is a news website operated in city of Saqez, “Mahmoud Salehi, a labour activist from Saqez, was released from Sanandaj prison on Sunday, April 6, 2008. He had been sentenced to a one year imprisonment last year for “acting against nation security”; however, after finishing his jail term, the court opened another case against him. . Salehi was taken to the branch one of Sanandaj’s Revolutionary Court on Sunday and was released after putting 40,000,000 toman (about $43,000) bail. Mahmoud Salehi, in same afternoon, left Sanadaj for Saqez where he was warmly welcomed by many families and friends who were celebrating his freedom and distributing sweets and flowers.

It’s important to report that almost all progressive and labour organizations inside Iran and abroad have sent solidarity messages for Salehi’s freedom. His freedom was reported by many international news agencies, such as BBC and Deutsche Welle, as well as numerous progressive websites, including LabourStart which has been organizing numerous campaigns for Salehi’s and Osanloo’s freedom. Labour organizations and unions around the world, from Pakistan and Australia to Geneva have expressed their support and joy for Salehi’s release. The ITUC, ITF and Amnesty International, who have also been campaigning for the freedom of both Salehi and Osanloo, today welcomed the release of Mahmoud Salehi. The Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company have issued a solidarity statement for Salehi’s release, congratulating his freedom and expressing hope for the release of Mansour Osanloo, the president of the Vahed Syndicate, who has been in jail since July 2007 and sentenced to 5 year imprisonment.

We now need to redouble our efforts to ensure Osanloo is freed as soon as possible and that Salehi would stay outside prison and all charges against him fully withdrawn. Just today, two other members of the board of Vahed syndicate, Saeed Torabian and Mohammad Ebrahim Norouzi Gohari, were taken to the court regarding their union activities including the distribution of the union’s newspaper. They were freed subsequently and it’s not clear whether they would receive charges or not. These kinds of harassment and persecution of labour activists have become a routine form of control and repression.

Mahmoud Salehi is still facing additional charges; moreover, he has a three year suspended sentences effective immediately. He may have to appear for another court hearing. We need to be extremely vigilant about this to ensure that Salehi stays outside prison and finds an opportunity to receive appropriate and specialized medical treatments. There is a fundraising campaign in Iran and abroad to help with his medical expenses.

May Day is fast approaching and once again it will give an opportunity for workers in Iran to mobilize and intensify their efforts for the achievement of their long-fought struggles against the capitalists and their state for formation and establishment of free and independent labour organizations in Iran. Salehi’s freedom is a big boost to these class struggles.

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