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Thomas Glavinic zur österreichischen Mentalität

Posted by entdinglichung - 4. Mai 2008

Aus dem lesenswerten Artikel How many more of our missing are stuck in some underground prison? von Thomas Glavinic (der u.a. auch den Bombenanschlag von Oberwart 1995, bei dem vier Roma ermordet wurden, thematisiert) aus dem gestrigen Guardian … stellt sich die Frage, ob es in vielen ländlichen Regionen beispielsweise der BRD gross anders ist

The countryside hates everything that is at a distance: the government, the EU, the Americans, the Jews. There are old-boy networks and there is peer pressure. Those who don’t work for their local voluntary fire brigade or at least donate money to their village fete are branded oddballs or outsiders. The rest, on the other hand, could beat up their wives and kids in their spare time. We wouldn’t care. „It’s just none of our business.“

„Him? I can’t believe it! He was always so polite!“ That’s what acquaintances said about Josef Fritzl. It’s what they always say.

Most Austrians think that someone who greets them politely on the street is a decent man, and they would see no reason to question that theory even if that same person had a blood-smeared body bag hanging over his shoulder.

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Zweites ökosozialistisches Manifest

Posted by entdinglichung - 4. Mai 2008

Ein von Ian Angus, Joel Kovel und Michael Löwy verfasster Entwurf für ein zweites ökosozialistisches Manifest ist jetzt zur Diskussion veröffentlicht worden und kann auf der Webseite des Ecosocialist International Network (bisher in englischer und portugiesischer Sprache) heruntergeladen werden:

„Humanity today faces a stark choice: ecosocialism or barbarism.

To the barbarities of the last century — 100 years of war, brutal imperialist plunder and genocide — capitalism has added new horrors. Now it is entirely possible that the air we breathe and the water we drink will be permanently poisoned and that global warming will make much of the world uninhabitable.

The entrenched ruling elites are incredibly powerful, and the forces of radical opposition are still small. But those forces are the only hope that the catastrophic course of capitalist “growth” will be halted. Walter Benjamin defined revolutions as being not the locomotive of history, but as humanity reaching for the emergency breaks of the train, before it plunges into an abyss.“

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