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News and Letters Committees gespalten

Posted by entdinglichung - 26. Mai 2008

Der Konflikt innerhalb der1955 u.a. von Raya Dunayevskaya ins Leben gerufenen News and Letters Committees (siehe dazu u.a. hier) liess sich leider nicht beilegen, die Organisation ist nun endgültig gespalten, hierzu dokumentiert die aktuelle Stellungnahme des Marxist-Humanist Committee:

Toward a New Marxist-Humanist Organization,
After News and Letters Committees

Dear Friends,

We wish to inform you of the collapse of News and Letters Committees (N&LC) and of our intention to found a new Marxist-Humanist organization. This is our response to the crisis in N&LC, which has reached the point of no return. The members of its Marxist-Humanist Tendency are being forced out of N&LC by crass and undemocratic means, in violation of its constitution and all principles of socialist democracy.

Nearly half the organization formed the Marxist-Humanist Tendency in January in order to try to return N&LC to Marxist-Humanist practice. The Tendency operated openly, democratically and pursuant to the N&LC constitution, but a group who had seized control over N&LC’s name and resources maneuvered to get rid of us rather than to debate our disagreements. This group recently “suspended” some of us for our political actions, and the prospects of getting N&LC back on a Marxist-Humanist path appear nil. So we are leaving that shell of an organization today.

Members of the Marxist-Humanist Tendency have reconstituted ourselves as the Marxist-Humanist Committee, a temporary working group of individuals who seek to re-found a Marxist-Humanist organization in the United States. We call on all supporters of Marxist-Humanism to contribute to our effort to work out the Marxist-Humanist concept of the relationship between philosophy and organization for the 21st century.

The underlying cause of the break-up of N&LC is several years of differences over the philosophy and practice of Marxism and Marxist-Humanism. At the heart of these differences was that some in N&LC recoiled from working out a philosophically grounded alternative to capitalism, preferring instead to simply repeat conclusions and give lip service to the ideas of Raya Dunayevskaya, the founder of Marxist-Humanism in the U.S. This is despite the fact that Dunayevskaya held that working out the question “what happens after the revolution” before it occurs is crucial for overcoming one of the most important and unresolved problems in the history of Marxism—the separation of philosophy from organization.

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