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Richard Dawkins in „Dr. Who“

Posted by entdinglichung - 30. Juni 2008

Ein kurzer Cameo-Auftritt von Richard Dawkins (zur Kritik an seiner reduktionistischen und positivistischen Herangehensweise siehe hier) in der neuesten Folge der britischen Science Fiction-TV-Serie Dr. Who (in Britannien Kult-Status, in der BRD bisher nur mässig beliebt) vom vergangenen Sonnabend … als „Professor Richard Dawkins“ (nicht wie im Blog des New Humanist vorgeschlagen als wahlweise, „Timelord“, „Cyberman“, „Good scientist“, „Evil scientist“ oder „God“:

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Institutionalisierter Antiziganismus in Italien

Posted by entdinglichung - 30. Juni 2008

Offenbar plant, einem Bericht der EveryOne Group zufolge der italienische Innenminister und Rassist Roberto Maroni (Lega Nord) alle Roma-Kinder in Italien erkennungsdienstlich behandeln zu lassen (Fotos und Fingerabdrücke) … knapp 60 Jahre nach der Implementierung des faschistischen „Manifesto della razza“ Mussolinis, welches u.a. die Aufstellung von Listen italienischer Jüdinnen und Juden zur Folge hatte, welche in der Periode der deutschen Besatzung Nord- und Mittelitaliens 1943-1945 den deutschen Stellen die Deportation und Ermordung von 8.000 Menschen erleichterten. Gleichzeitig berichtet die EveryOne Group von weiteren brutalen Bullenübergriffen gegen Roma und von der offenbar zunehmender Praxis lokaler Stellen, Roma-Familien die Kinder zu entziehen:

On May 17th and 18th, 2008 the Hungarian Euro MP, Viktoria Mohacsi, carried out an inspection of several Roma settlements in Italy, in Rome and Naples. In Naples she talked to some Roma families during the period of the pogroms, of the criminalization by the media, the racist patrols and the “zero tolerance” (in other words “zero rights”) being carried out by the police force. Mrs Mohacsi listened to accounts of a persecutory phenomenon being carried out against the Roma that EveryOne has been calling attention to for the last two years. In the space of a couple of years all trace has been lost of 12 Roma children taken from their parents by the Naples Juvenile Court”, reports Viktoria Mohasci. “Some of these children were accused of begging, but their parents have heard nothing about their fate for the last two years”. During her meetings (as she testified before the EU assembly) the Euro MP was able to ascertain that there have been hundreds of similar cases in Italy.

Deprived of their children, often in the space of a few hours after being arrested by the police on an excuse (and sometimes after being administered sleeping pills or sedatives) the mothers become incapable of opposing the measures being carried out by the social services and suffer such traumatic moral and psychological repercussions that they often attempt suicide.

In Rome, according to one witness, a young mother was killed when she threw herself in front of a car after being told her very small baby would not be returned to her. After having their babies taken from them (usually only a few months old, but also children of four, five and six) the Roma families suffer pressure and threats of all kinds to stop them protesting or seeking legal aid (which in Italy, is inadequate when it comes to defending Roma citizens). In many cases, after they have lost custody of their children, the parents have received a written warning or expulsion order.

Eine Petition gegen die geplanten Zwangsmassnahmen des Innenministers kann hier unterschrieben werden, ein Kommunique des Reti Migranti e Antirazziste zum institutionalisierten Rassismus in Italien gibt es hier.

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Terry Fields (1937-2008)

Posted by entdinglichung - 30. Juni 2008

Am vergangenen Sonnabend starb in Liverpool im Alter von 71 Jahren Terry Fields, neben Dave Nellist und Pat Wall eines der drei Mitglieder der Militant Tendency (heute Socialist Party, Schwesterorganisation von Voran/SAV), welches 1983 und 1987 trotz massiver Propaganda der Boulevard-Presse auf Labour-Ticket (Fields für den Wahlkreis Liverpool-Broadgreen) unter dem Wahlkampfslogan „A worker’s MP on a worker’s wage“ ins britische Unterhaus gewählt wurde. 1991 wurde Fields, der in den 1970ern die Liverpooler Sektion der traditionell klassenkämpferischen Gewerkschaft der Feuerwehrleute Fire Brigades Union (FBU) geleitet hatte, zu einer Haftstrafe von 60 Tagen verurteilt, weil er sich geweigert hatte die unter Margeret Thatcher eingeführte Kopfsteuer (Poll Tax) zu zahlen. Unter anderem aus diesem Grund und auf Grund seiner Zugehörigkeit zur Militant Tendency wurde Fields wenig später aus der Labour Party ausgeschlossen (der damalige Labour-Chef Neil Kinnock dazu: „Law makers must not be law breakers. I have always made that clear.“) und verlor seinen Sitz bei den nachfolgenden Unterhauswahlen im Mai 1992; in den nachfolgenden Jahren zog er sich aus der „grossen Politik zurück und widmete sich lokalen politischen Aufgaben an seinem Wohnort, ohne seine politische Identität als revolutionärer Sozialist aufzugeben.

Nachfolgend einige Passagen aus The Rise of Militant. Militant’s 30 Years 1964-1994 von Peter Taafe (nicht immer historisch akkurates Buch):

Terry Fields Goes to Jail

Both Terry Fields and Dave Nellist had behaved in an exemplary fashion in Parliament. They had been to the fore in the poll tax non-payment campaign. Eventually they were faced with the choice, which many others before them and after had confronted, of either succumbing, paying the poll tax or, on an important issue of principle, standing with those who could not and would not pay.

The majority of Militant supporters entirely endorsed the stand of Terry Fields and also of Dave Nellist at a later stage. This was done in the knowledge that Terry’s jailing, which took place in July, would be seized on by Kinnock as an excuse to remove him as a Labour MP and drive him out of the Labour Party. Kinnock scandalously declared:

The Labour Party does not and never will support breaking the law. Mr. Fields has chosen to break the law and he must take the consequences. He is on his own.

In making this statement Kinnock not only distanced himself from Terry Fields but from the history of the labor movement which is one of defying unjust laws. Four years previously at a party conference Kinnock had presented Labour’s merit award to a 102-year-old Suffragette who „was jailed for a day for breaking into the House of Lords“.

At that conference this heroic „gesture“ received „applause and cheers“. Now Kinnock was pouring scorn on the heads of those like Terry Fields who were standing up for their class. We asked: What about the Chartists and the Tolpuddle Martyrs, or the dockers who went to jail in defiance of Heath’s anti-Union acts in the early 1970s? „Would Kinnock have told them they were on their own?“

He would have found it difficult in 1972 as millions of rank-and-file trade unionists were on the side of the dockers and were threatening a general strike. The day after Terry Fields was jailed The Daily Mail wrote:

The campaign against paying was inspired by Militant and became a popular, national drive which contributed to killing the tax and its replacement by the new council tax.

Kinnock’s stab-in-the-back for Terry Fields was one of the most shameful incidents in Kinnock’s time as party leader. Terry Fields received huge support from all over the country for his stand. One worker from the Old Swan area of Liverpool wrote to him: „We are not members or supporters of Militant but we would vote for you as a principled and caring man.“

Another worker from Tuebrook declared bluntly:

History will prove the Kinnock gang wrong and traitors, and the few with principles and integrity like yourselves and Eric Heffer and Tony Benn will be remembered with affection and respect long after the other gang have faded into obscurity.

Over 1,000 marched to a „Free Terry Fields“ rally outside Walton jail. Arthur Scargill was the main speaker. Terry was freed in September after serving 60 days. But less than two weeks after his release he faced another „trial“ set up by Labour’s national executive committee, which interrogated him on September 25 in the first steps to remove him as a Labour MP.

On that same day the national executive committee of the Labour Party took a similar step against Dave Nellist. Their suspension from party membership on the eve of the Labour Party conference was a step towards expulsion and a gagging measure to prevent them from appealing to the conference and using it as a platform to oppose the policies of the leadership.

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