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Die gute Nachricht des Tages

Posted by entdinglichung - 30. Juli 2008

Das windige Verfahren nach Paragraph 129a gegen die 11 GenossInnen aus Bad Oldesloe ist, wie Annalist meldet, eingestellt worden:

Alle stammen aus dem linken Spektrum, einige von ihnen sind in der so genannten Antifa-Bewegung aktiv. Gegen keinen der Beschuldigten gab es jedoch konkrete Indizien für eine Beteiligung an dem Anschlag.

… allerdings hat die Bundesanwaltschaft nun auch vor einigen Tagen Anklage gegen Oliver, Florian und Axel unter dem Vorwurf der Mitgliedschaft in der „militanten gruppe“ nach Paragraph 129 (Mitgliedschaft in einer „kriminellen Vereinigung“) erhoben:

„Die Anklage wegen Mitgliedschaft in einer kriminellen Vereinigung stützt sich auf verschiedene Indizien, weitere konkrete Tatbeteiligungen werden den Dreien nicht vorgeworfen. Die Bundesanwaltschaft wertet als Indiz für eine Mitgliedschaft, dass sich die Angeklagten beim Spazierengehen umgeschaut hätten, dass sich die militante gruppe nicht zu dem Brandanschlag geäußert habe oder einer der Angeklagten sich Einweghandschuhe gekauft habe.

Um diese Indizien zu untermauern, bemüht die BAW zudem einen Spitzel des Bundesamts für Verfassungsschutzes (VS). Nach dessen Aussagen – die der VS selbst als „nachrichtenrelevant, aber nicht bestätigt” einstuft – sollen die Angeschuldigten der mg angehören. „Die Anklage wegen Mitgliedschaft ist extrem schwach begründet und an den Haaren herbeigezogen”, so Rechtsanwalt Thomas Herzog, einer der Anwälte der Angeklagten. Deshalb habe der Verfassungsschutz wohl auch noch den Spitzel aus dem Hut gezaubert.“


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Zu den derzeitigen Konflikten in der anglikanischen Kirchen

Posted by entdinglichung - 30. Juli 2008

Nachfolgend dokumentiert ein Artikel von Barry Healy von der Webseite Links – International Journal of Socialist Renewal, welcher verdeutlicht, dass es bei den derzeitigen Auseinandersetzungen in der anglikanischen Kirchengemeinschaft nicht um einen abgehobenen theologischen Konflikt sondern um eine politische Auseinandersetzung geht, in welcher reaktionäre Kräfte aus dem „Norden“ wie das „Institute on Religion and Democracy“ (IRD) ihre Agenda durchzusetzen versuchen und dabei einen Teil der Kirchen aus dem Süden in neokolonialer Manier instrumentalisieren:

Class war and the Anglican schism

By Barry Healy

July 29, 2008 — Dramatic events within the worldwide Anglican Communion (the international association of national Anglican churches) have revealed a “cold split” with the potential for a complete collapse of the Episcopal formation. Superficially, the debates have centred on the right of women and homosexuals to be priests and bishops, and on gay marriage. However, while theological arguments dating back centuries are being mouthed, behind them are class-war elements of more recent vintage, including some connected with the era of US President Ronald Reagan’s backing of Central American death squads in the 1980s.

African bishops have led the charge against modernity, but they are funded and organised by right-wing US think tanks and the Sydney Anglicans’ arch-reactionary Archbishop Peter Jensen. Another player is the Vatican, which has been reported as throwing its resources behind Anglican Primate Owen Williams.

Christian soldiers marching to civil war

The Anglicans are approaching a three-way split. Jensen’s fundamentalist grouping established at the Global Anglican Futures Conference (GAFCON) in Jerusalem in late June are effectively at war with the liberal Canadian and US Episcopal Churches. They are working aggressively to “plant” new churches in their territory, while loudly claiming loyalty to the Anglican Communion.

Establishing („planting’’) churches in other Anglican provinces is regarded as tantamount to open conflict within the Communion. The Sydney Anglicans have been quietly doing it for some time in Australia. In the USA, some parishes have expressed their distaste for liberal ideas by seceding form their dioceses and placing themselves within the care of the conservative Ugandan church!

The Sydney Anglicans have been ransacking the coffers of Anglican social welfare organisations to fund the rapid expansion of their missionary resources. Archbishop Peter Jensen’s proclaimed objective is to get 10% of Sydney residents (400,000 people) into “Bible-believing” churches by 2011.

Moore College, the Sydney Anglican’s conservative theological factory, has been tasked with producing 10,000 part-time pastoral workers and 1000 full-timers as the cadre force at a budgeted cost of A$500 million. Anglicare, the church’s welfare arm, is reportedly financially troubled because of it.[1]

Jensen’s holy-war missionaries, trumpeting their view of faith, which consists of mouthing chapter and verse of the Bible, identifying each by number in bingo caller fashion, are fanning out across Australia and South-East Asia. While popping up in dioceses far from Sydney, they are fiercely loyal to their coordinating centre.

Parallel churches

The international face of this reactionary wave, the GAFCON grouping, has set up its own leadership structures, including a primate’s council, which is made up entirely of Africans (at this stage), rivalling that centred in England. Mouthing modern anti-Orientalist arguments, Jensen has said that this represents a natural evolution of Anglicanism away from its imperial roots, similar to the development of the British Commonwealth in the post-colonial era.

It looks certain that the United States will have two parallel churches, possibly with two primates. Within Britain, conservative High Church Anglo-Catholics are threatening to move under the Vatican’s umbrella and the vaguely progressive liberals led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, are hoping to cobble together unity by avoiding confrontation.

The London Independent reported on July 16 that the Pope was “trying to bolster the beleaguered Archbishop of Canterbury” because the Vatican fears that Anglicanism “could mutate into hardline Protestantism”. Top Vatican officials were quietly sent to the July 2008 Lambeth Conference, the Anglican Communion’s highest gathering, to provide assistance.

Previously, dissident High Church Anglican priests who seceded to Rome were welcomed, even if they were married. According to The Independent’s Paul Vallely those days are gone.

“A number of the Anglicans who moved to Rome when women were ordained brought with them a rancorous divisive mentality. Which is why those Anglican bishops who recently approached the Vatican to ask if traditionalist C of E parishes could migrate en masse to Rome, under an Anglican liturgical rite, were sent off with a flea in their ear”, Vallely wrote.[2]

Lurking in the background are such organisations as the American Anglican Council, the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) and the Association for Church Renewal funded and directed by weird homophobes like Howard F. Ahmanson Jr. and the Bradley, Coors, Olin, Scaife and Smith-Richardson right-wing “charitable foundations”.[3]

For decades these groups have donated billions of dollars to what the US National Committee on Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) in a 1997 report calls „an extraordinary effort to reshape politics and public policy priorities at the national, state and local level“. Part of their agenda is the smashing up of progressive Christianity.

The NCRP says that their money supports “a network of regional and state-based think tanks and advocacy institutions [working] to transform the social views …of the nation’s religious and philanthropic leaders”.[4]

Protestant schisms are not historically unusual but internationally organised, politically motivated and externally funded splits are unprecedented.

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Faltblatt: Courage gegen Sexismus

Posted by entdinglichung - 30. Juli 2008

Ein Faltblatt zur Gegenwehr gegen sexistische Gewalt und ihre Vorstufen – produziert von Avanti – Projekt undogmatische Linke und der DGB-Jugend-Nord – welches hoffentlich nicht wirkungslos bleiben wird:

Vorderseite des Faltblattes (Grafik anklicken um die pdf-Datei herunterzuladen):

Rückseite des Faltblattes (Grafik anklicken um die pdf-Datei herunterzuladen):

In diesem Zusammenhang sei auch noch auf die Aktion Rote Karte gegen Sexismus von Avanti – Projekt undogmatische Linke und dem FrauenRat Uni HH (welcher vom derzeitigen Männerpolitik-AStA an der Uni Hamburg offiziell aufgelöst wurde) hingewiesen.

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