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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen Linken – eine Auswahl

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* Moishe Postone: Anti-Semitism and National Socialism (1986)

the commune:

Auf dieser neuen (und lesenswerten) Webseite (die Gruppe stellt eine Abspaltung von Workers‘ Liberty dar) findet mensch eine interessante Materialsammlung, welche u.a. die folgenden Texte beinhaltet:

* Roman Rosdolsky: A Memoir of Auschwitz and Birkenau (1956)
* Peter Hudis: Can Capital be controlled? (2000)
* Petr Cerny: Czechoslovakia ‘68: What ’socialism’? What ‘human face’? (1968/1969)
* Gruppe Internationaler Kommunisten (GIK): Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution (1930)
* Hungarian Revolution 1956 – Interview with Nicholas Krassó (1976)
* Kevin B Anderson: Lenin’s Encounter with Hegel after 80 years: a critical assessment (1995)
* Michel Pablo: Self-management in the struggle for socialism (1972)
* Chris Ford: State capitalism or bureaucratic collectivism? The Shachtman-Dunayevskaya debate (mit Originaltexten von 1947)
*Solidarity: The Commune: Paris 1871 – Solidarity pamphlet no. 35 (1971)
* Tamás Krausz: The Hungarian Workers’ Councils of 1956 (2006)
* Maurice Brinton: The Irrational in Politics (1970)
* Peter Hudis: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: a historic-philosophic perspective (2002)
* Andrew Kliman: The new forms of appearance of state capitalism (1992)
* Solidarity: The Struggle for self-management: an open letter to IS comrades (1968)
* Chris Ford: The theory of state capitalism from the vantage point of today’s global capitalism (2005)
* Kommunist: Workers’ Control versus State Capitalism in the Russian Revolution – Theses of Kommunist (1918)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Grace Lee Boggs (Ria Stone)/Willie Gorman: Germany – Still the Key (1947)
* Socialist Workers Party [US]: The Hungarian Revolution and the Crisis of Stalinism (1957)
* Antonio Gramsci: Spontanéité et direction consciente (1930)
* Artikel aus der Fourth International:
** Lessons of the Strike Wave (1946)
** Scientists and the Atom Bomb (1946)
** Plight of the European Jews (1946)
** Warren Creel: The Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party (1946)
** Foreign Press Clippings (1946)
** Manager’s Column (1946)
* Louis Althusser: Contraddizione e Surdeterminazione (1974)
* Errico Malatesta: Un progetto di organizzazione anarchica (1927)
* Gilles Deleuze: La società del controllo (1990)
* Guy Debord: La società dello spettacolo (1973)
* Edgar Hardcastle: Can the Means Test be Abolished? (1936)
* Edgar Hardcastle: The Civil War in Spain (1936)
* Edgar Hardcastle: What is Wrong with Russia? (1937)
* Edgar Hardcastle: Which Way Russia? (1937)
* Edgar Hardcastle: G.B. Shaw as a Guide to Socialism (1937)
* Edgar Hardcastle: Are the Japanese Barbarians? (1937)
* Edgar Hardcastle: Czechoslovakia: The Choice Before Us (1938)
* Edgar Hardcastle: Is Britain Going Fascist? (1938)
* Edgar Hardcastle: The Last Hour in Madrid (1939)
* Edgar Hardcastle: Why the French Popular Front Failed (1939)
* Edgar Hardcastle: The Prospect for Socialism (1939)
* Edgar Hardcastle: The Materialist Conception of History (1978)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista (POUM): Alerte! Les Staliniens préparent des assassinats en Espagne (1936)
* Lucien Hérard: Rupture (1938)
* Daniel Guérin: Rosa Luxemburg et la grève de masse (1971, Auszug aus Rosa Luxemburg et la spontanéité révolutionnaire)
* Edgar Hardcastle: Les procès de Moscou vus par le SPGB (1937)
* Louis Janover: Lire Rubel aujourd’hui (2003)

Association pour la sauvegarde de la mémoire de la section française de la IVe internationale (ASMSFQI):

* Parti ouvrier internationaliste (POI): La Vérité, 15. Dezember 1943
* Parti ouvrier internationaliste (POI): Le militant, 15. Februar 1943
* IVe Internationale: Manifeste de la conférence d’avril 1946 de la IVe internationale (1946)
* Jeunesse communiste révolutionnaire (JCR):Avant-garde jeunesse, Februar-März 1968
* Ligue Communiste (LC): Taupe Rouge : pourquoi des comités de grève ? L’exemple de l’EGF de Brest (1973)
* Ligue Communiste (LC): Taupe Rouge : la grève du métro (1971)
* Ligue des communistes: La lutte de classes, Dezember 1932
* IVe Internationale: Thèses sur la question nationale, November 1942
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): IVe internationale, Juni 1966
* IVe Internationale: Bulletin intérieur du secrétariat international de la IVe internationale, Mai 1946

Collectif Smolny:

* BILAN: Une réponse de Gatto Mammone (1936)
* BILAN: Lénine – Luxemburg – Liebknecht (1937)
* BILAN: À nos lecteurs (1935)
* BILAN: Au sujet du cas Mariottini (1936)
* BILAN: Staline et le Bolchevisme (1935)
* BILAN: Victor Serge hors des griffes du centrisme (1936)
* BILAN: L’évolution de la situation italienne (1936)


* Communist Party of India (Marxist – Leninist) (CPI(ML)): Liberation (Ausgaben Dezember 1967, November 1969, Dezember 1969, Januar 1970, Februar 1970)

Workers‘ Liberty:

* Sherry Mangan: Before Hitler came to power (part 1) (1943)
* Sherry Mangan: Before Hitler came to power (part 2) (1943)

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* Mónica Morales Flores: La guerrilla guatemalteca en imágenes. Entrevistas al Comandante César Montes (2008, mit einer Reihe von Fotos von 1966, pdf-Datei)
* Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria (MIR): El carácter del Estado Militar y sus implicaciones para la izquierda (1976)
* Comandos Revolucionarios del Pueblo (CRP): Comunicado sobre los sucesos de Cerro Maravilla (1978)
* Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN): Síntesis de algunos problemas actuales (1975)

La Presse Anarchiste:

* Anarchisme et non-violence n°28, Januar/Februar 1972

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Eine Stellungnahme von Freedom Socialist Party und Radical Women zum Bruch mit der Escuela Obrera y Campesina und Mujeres Radicales in El Salvador

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. September 2008

Nachfolgend dokumentiert eine gemeinsame Stellungnahme von Radical Women und Freedom Socialist Party zum Überlaufen einiger ehemals radikaler Linker in El Salvador zu antisemitischen und faschistischen Positionen:

The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women denounce the far-right turn of the Escuela Obrera y Campesina and Mujeres Radicales in El Salvador

August 29, 2008

The Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women are no longer providing support of any kind to the Escuela Obrera y Campesina (Workers and Peasants School) and Mujeres Radicales Cuzcatlecas (Radical Women Cuzcatlecas) because the leaders of these groups have suddenly begun spreading anti-Semitic, fascist propaganda. We join other leftists in calling on them to desist from this destructive course.

The first knowledge we had of this bizarre turn of events was the July 2008 issue of La Voz, the school’s online publication. It was filled with an anti-Semitic rant that blamed a sinister Jewish conspiracy for the economic ills of El Salvador, Latin America and the world.

La Voz editors Salvador Duarte and Marta Consuelo Hernández included lengthy quotes from a notorious and long-discredited anti-Semitic tract, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to buttress their arguments. They proclaimed the legitimacy of Hitler’s National Socialism. They echoed Nazi lies that the Russian Revolution was financed by Jews for Jews and denounced Leon Trotsky, a leader of that revolution and founder of our political current, for his Jewish heritage. Articles in the same vein followed in the August issue.

We immediately notified the leaders of the school and Mujeres Radicales that we opposed this Nazi ideology and were cutting off all support. Duarte responded with an astounding letter in which he contended that “Trotskyists are not Leninists, as the first was a Jew, and the other was not.” He approvingly quoted Hitler as saying, “It’s clear that today’s world is on the road to a great revolution, and everything reduces to the question of whether it will result to the benefit of humanity or to the advantage of the wandering Jew.”

From opposing Israel’s arming of dictatorships and the Zionist persecution of Palestinians, Duarte leapt to attacking all Jews: “When we refer to Zionism, we refer to the economic power of banking, industry, transportation, communications, and to the military-industrial complex (Pentagon), that is to say, that global economic power run by big capital, of which 80% is in Jewish hands.”

Zero tolerance for fascism and anti-Semitism

The school’s dangerous rhetoric is opposed to everything FSP and RW stand for.
We are proud that Clara Fraser, the founder of Radical Women and the party, was a Jewish radical renowned for her opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Henry Noble, the current U.S. National Secretary of the party, is also a Jewish partisan of the Palestinians. They and other working class, Jewish comrades in our organizations have been on the frontlines against Nazis, white supremacists and the crimes of the Zionism.

Indeed, our organizations have fought against fascists for the 40-plus years of our existence. We helped to found the United Front Against Fascism which mobilized widespread public opposition to the Aryan Nations, White Aryan Resistance and other neo-Nazis in the U.S. in ’80s and ’90s. Our members also regularly stand up to the rightwing, anti-immigrant Minutemen and similar groups with militant picket lines. The comrades can do no less as our organizations are made up of the very people most targeted for destruction by Nazism— working class women, immigrants, gays, people of color and Jews.

A shocking turn from militant unionism to fascism

We are quite certain that Duarte, a former labor leader, and Hernández had no leanings toward Nazism when we first met and worked with them. They presented themselves as anti-capitalists and honest critics of the FMLN’s social-democratic politics. We appreciated their recognition of the pivotal importance of women and the U.S. working class to world revolution. We were happy to lend support to their efforts to rebuild a revolutionary consciousness in the Salvadoran working class, which had been decimated by the civil war.

Occasionally, they made anti-Semitic references in our presence that we answered. We strove to address these remarks both in person and through correspondence. The October-November, 2007 issue of the Freedom Socialist newspaper featured the article „The persistent plague of anti-Semitism: where it comes from, how to end it,“ in English and Spanish in order to emphasize our views. We thought we were having an impact, but this was difficult to ascertain from afar. Clearly, they lied to us about their changing ideology until they went public in La Voz.

The transformation Duarte and Hernández have made from espousing a radical view to advocating fascism is not unprecedented. Unfortunately, history contains other shameful examples of people who left the revolutionary movement and adopted rulingclass ideologies due to demoralization, fear or opportunism.

For instance, James Burnham left the U.S. Socialist Workers Party as the government was whipping up patriotic fervor in order to enter World War II. He quit revolutionary politics and eventually made his living as an employee of the CIA, denouncing socialism and the Russian Revolution while spouting nationalist and anti-Semitic theories.

Another former U.S. radical, Lyndon LaRouche launched a far-right, anti-woman and anti-Semitic movement in the ’70s. See the Red Banner Reader Lyndon LaRouche: Fascism restyled for the new millennium, published by Red Letter Press.

The Stalinist Communist Party of the USSR provides yet another example. When the Soviet Union fell apart, a number of privileged bureaucrats in the CP formed new organizations that claimed international Jewry had undermined the country. They ultimately aligned with fascist groupings to form the Red-Brown Alliance.

Down with Nazism! For socialist feminist revolution!

The leaders of the Escuela Obrera y Campesina and Mujeres Radicales have turned away from building a revolutionary movement by making the demented determination that the imperialist stranglehold on Latin America stems from an international Jewish cabal rather than capitalism. In doing so, they mislead Salvadoran workers and scapegoat Salvadoran Jews who are a miniscule portion of the population.

Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party condemn these activities and call on others to likewise denounce this descent into Nazism. The best antidote to this treachery is to build a revolutionary party and a truly socialist feminist movement in El Salvador and elsewhere. As Leon Trotsky wrote in 1930, the program of revolutionary hope must be counter posed to the fascist program of counter-revolutionary despair.

Issued by:

Radical Women, U.S.
625 Larkin Street, #202
San Francisco, CA 94109
Email: calradicalwomen@yahoo.com

Freedom Socialist Party, U.S.
4710 University Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98105
Email: fspnatl@igc.org

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