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ArbeiterInnen in Fabrik in Qazvin/Iran besetzen Fabrik und „beschlagnahmen“ Maschinen

Posted by entdinglichung - 31. Oktober 2008

Zwei Meldungen zu einer der zahlreichen Protestaktionen gegen die Nichtauszahlung von Löhnen in der iranischen Industrie:


Workers seize the machinery at Ashkan China factory

In a protest against unpaid wages of several months and production stoppages the workers of Ashkan China seized the factory’s machinery. A labour activist told a news agency that: „The workers of the factory seized the machinery of the factory and then a message from the owner of the factory arrived saying he’s transferring the money so we shouldn’t touch the machinery! But we still haven’t heard any news!

„We’ve contacted the judiciary but haven’t received a reply from them.

„When news of the workers‘ seizure of the machinery reached the Central Bank, the bank sent a message saying that the machinery of the factory belongs to the Central Bank and the workers have no right to do this and must not damage the machinery.

„There are also lots of security forces milling around the factory looking to arrest workers and aiming to arrest the guys who protested. This action by the government has angered the workers even more.“

This bold action by the workers of Ashkan China in Qazvin, about 160 kilometres north-west of Tehran, took place around 22 October 2008. The workers also went on strike in August 2008 demanding their unpaid wages and bonuses.

Translated by Iranian Workers‘ Solidarity Network


Ashkan China Factory workers seize the factory’s machinery

According to the Committee to Pursue the Establishment of Free Workers’ Organizations in Iran, workers in Ashkan China factory staged in protest against non-payment of their wages for the past few months. Workers decided to occupy the factory and seize the factory’s machinery as compensation for unpaid wages. The factory’s owner sent a message that he would bring money for workers and they should not touch the machinery but no money has yet arrived. Workers had contacted the judiciary but no positive response were given to them. The Central Bank of Iran also sent a message to workers that the assets and machinery of the company belong to the Central Bank and that workers had no rights to seize them and they must not be damaged. The security forces have also been dispatched to end the take over; however as of this report, workers still had the control of the factory’s machinery.

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