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Posted by entdinglichung - 11. November 2008

* A Fall Walk Among Ypsilanti’s Soldiers of Black Liberation – eine ausserordentlich lesens- und sehenswerte Fotoreportage auf dem Blog The Rustbelt Radical über einen Friedhof in Ypsilanti (Michigan) für schwarze Soldaten, welche während des US-Bürgerkrieges 1861-1865 in der Einheit First Michigan Colored Infantry/102nd United States Colored Troops gegen die Sklaverei kämpften.

* Der Internationale Gewerkschaftsbund (IGB) weist auf die Streichung von Asbest und Endosulfan von der internationalen Liste gefährlicher Substanzen des Rotterdamer Übereinkommens hin:

“ … Under the Rotterdam Convention, governments maintain a list of dangerous substances which may only be exported according to the principle of “Prior Informed Consent” (PIC) – exporting countries must get specific permission from potential importing countries before the substances can be shipped. According to the rules of procedure of the Rotterdam Convention, chemicals can only be added to the PIC list if signatories to the 1998 convention reach consensus.

At the most recent meeting on the Convention, seven asbestos-importing countries (India, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Ukraine and Vietnam) supported asbestos-exporting Kazakhstan in opposing the PIC-listing. Other exporters (Brazil, Canada, Russia and Zimbabwe) are known to oppose restrictions on the trade in asbestos, despite the huge toll of death and disease it is known to cause.

Endosulfan, a neurotoxin which is poisonous to the human nervous system and is also believed to affect reproduction, is used as a pesticide in production of cotton, food crops and animal feed. As one of the more toxic pesticides available, its dangers to agricultural workers in particular and to consumers in general, are well documented. Alternative chemicals exist for all of its uses, but endosulfan is often preferred by producers because it is cheaper. …“

* Die Labor-Regierung in Australien plant – auf Grund leerer Kassen – das Wahlkampfversprechen der Einführung eines bezahlten Mutterschaftsurlaubs nicht umzusetzen, wie die Zeitung The Australian berichtet:

„… But apart from a post-election pledge to increase pensions, areas where no explicit promises had been made, such as paid maternity leave, were under review and likely to be axed.

The Productivity Commission backed a plan for government-funded paid maternity leave early last month to each year give 140,000 mothers a $540-a-week benefit for 18 weeks, at a cost of $450 million.

Kevin Rudd and Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard were initially enthusiastic about the plan. But within days, Wayne Swan sounded a warning about a proposed scheme’s timing, saying it might not be affordable in the next budget because of the financial crisis. …“

* Der Morning Star, Britanniens einzige linke Tageszeitung (wenn mensch das irrelevante healyistische Winzblatt News Line einmal beiseite lässt) wird häufig mit der UZ der DKP verglichen, ist aber zumindest was die innen- und sozialpolitische Berichterstattung angeht um einiges spannender als diese und deckt auch ein etwas breiteres Spektrum der linken Meinungswelt ab. Laut einer Meldung auf Socialist Unity wird ab Anfang 2009 der Morning Star nun täglich und kostenlos auch im Internet lesbar sein.


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Freiheit für Afshin Shams!

Posted by entdinglichung - 11. November 2008

Der Anfang Juli inhaftierte iranische Gewerkschafter und Karikaturist Afshin Shams wurde zu einer Haftstrafe von einem Jahr verurteilt, nachfolgend dokumentiert ein Pressekommunique der KP Iran dazu:


Statement by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran on the Jail Sentence for Afshin Shams

One of the sham courts of the Islamic regime in the province of Esfahan has sentenced Afshin Shams, the well-known Iranian labour activist, one of the members of the Coordinating Committee for Organizing Labor Unions and a member in the Assembly of the Iranian Caricaturists to one-year conditional jail. He was informed about the sentence on November 1st 2008, 4 months after his arrest in the absence of his lawyer Mr. Mohammad Sharif.

Afshin Shams has made wide efforts to establish contacts between different activists in the different sections of the Iranian labor movement and to organize the workers in class and mass organizations and has fought unrelentingly in defence of the workers‘ rights. For these reasons, he has been persued by the security forces of the islamic regime for long time and finally he was arrested and put in prison on July 3rd 2008 in Esfahan.

The jail sentence for Afshin Shams, one of the well-known Iranian labor activists, is an attack on the relative growth of the workers struggles and strikes during the recent months, the significant efforts by the labor activists for creating workers‘ class and mass organizations and is a continuation to the policy of terrror and oppression against the labor as well as other social activists in Iran by the Islamic regime.
The Islamic regime in Iran is struggling with a deep economic and political crisis. In this situation it sees its own survival in oppressing the social movements and in the first phase the oppression of the labor movements in Iran and dragging these movements into stagnancy. By arresting and putting Afshin Shams, the Islamic regime wants to take revenge on those labor activists and forerunners who are fighting to organize the workers in their own class and mass unions.

In these circumstances, the necessity of class solidarity and standing together against the regime’s anti-labor policies requires that the existing labor organizations, the activists and forerunners in the different sections of the Iranian labor movement put all their efforts together for immediate release of Afshin Shams as well as other labor activists as part of their struggle against this regime, as they have always done. They should organize such wide protests against the policy of pursuit and arrest of the labor actvists that would make it costly for the regime to put these oppressive policies into action and as a result would not be able to advance with these policies.

Outside Iran, many political parties, organizations, unions and activists, who consider the support for the Iranian labor and freedom-loving movements as their matter, have conducted vauable activities in the recent years in introducing the Iranian labor movement, gaining the worldwide support for this movement and putting the Islamic regime under pressure for its anti-worker nature. The labor movement in Iran needs these efforts to be continued and made more widespread. May the struggle to free Afshin Shams and other labor activists be another step towards the spread of these activities.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran
November 2nd 2008

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