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Streiflichter aus Britannien

Posted by entdinglichung - 19. November 2008

1. Hooliganismus jetzt auch beim Cricket … zu einigen „Zwischenfällen“ beim Match zwischen Accrington und Todmorden, die Lokalzeitung berichtet, :

„… Drunken Accrington and Todmorden fans clashed in a ‘Roses riot’ during Sunday’s Worsley Cup final, which followed chanting exchanges and banter among the 1,000-strong crowd.

Play had to be stopped for a few minutes after flashpoints followed the fall of a Todmorden wicket.

A police riot van was called at around 6.30pm and 10 officers were drafted in for the end of the final, at Todmorden’s Centre Vale ground, with trouble starting in front of the clubhouse.

The match ended in a win by 104 runs for Accrington, the side’s first trophy for 22 years.

Accrington’s former England batsman Graham Lloyd said: „There was a bit of over-excitement and a scuffle. It’s regrettable, but a great result.““

2. Der faschistischen British National Party (BNP) sind einige Daten abhanden gekommen, die sich auf Wikileaks wieder angefunden haben … :-) … der Guardian dazu:

„… Strangely, some of the members‘ hobbies are also listed. One gives her occupation as „holistic therapist“ and her pastimes as „metaphysics, cartoon drawing“. Another lists his hobbies as „fantail doves, koi carp, gardening“.

There are also one or two insights into reasons that people have left the party. Against the name of one lapsed member from Gillingham, Kent, is the note: „Objects to being told he shouldn’t wear a bomber jacket.““

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Sozialistische Musik

Posted by entdinglichung - 19. November 2008

… ;-)

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