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Zum 25. Jahrestag des Beginns des Bergarbeiterstreiks in Britannien 1984/85

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Kantinenboykott durch ArbeiterInnen im Stahlwerk Esfahan/Iran

Posted by entdinglichung - 5. März 2009

Eine nachahmenswerte Aktion, bei welcher sich die Kernbelegschaft mit mit den prekär Beschftigten solidarisch zeigt, gefunden auf der Webseite des Iranian Workers‘ Solidarity Network (IWSN):


Thousands of Esfahan Steel workers start symbolic food boycott

The Esfahan Steel Mill exploits 18,000 workers. These workers are divided into two groups: 10,000 workers of sub-contracting companies and 8,000 official workers. The first group of workers have worse working conditions, job security and pay than the second group.

Although the 10,000 sub-contracted workers have protested against the bad conditions and the open discrimination several times, they have got nowhere. On February 28 workers from both groups joined forces and begun a symbolic food boycott – they will not be eating the food in the factory’s restaurants.

Despite the attempts of management and the government to drive a wedge between them, the sub-contracted and official workers are united in this symbolic struggle and have demanded better pay and conditions for the sub-contracted workers.

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network, 3 March 2009

Source: Co-ordination Committee for the Creation of Labour Organisations

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