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Aufruf der Kommunistischen Partei Iran zum internationalen Frauentag

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Quelle: http://cpiran.org/English/cpi-8th%20of%20March-2009.pdf

Declaration by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran on the Occasion of the 8th of March, Women’s International Day

It’s now more than three decades that the Islamic regime has imposed a slavery oriented situation on the Iranian women by relying on rules derived from Islamic law. The Islamic republic in Iran has constitutionalized gender apartheid and daily subordination of women in the society by its Islamic laws. According to these laws, women in Iran are officially regarded as half of men and are deprived from their most basic human rights. The regime has taken away the right of free choice in clothing from the Iranian women by forcing them to wear veil and through the threat of whipping and jailing.

The Islamic regime in Iran has crashed the human identity of half of the members of the society by ignoring the basic rights of women such as the right to travel alone, the right of divorce, the right of getting the custody of children and the right of freely socializing with men. This regime has actually turned the women into sex slaves by legalizing polygamy, temporary marriage and by giving social credit to the moral corruption of those men who admire these laws.

Thus the Islamic regime, with the help of its religious laws, has turned the reactionary male- dominant relationships into one of the strongholds for the continuation of its rule and uses these relationships in support of the capitalistic economic system, which is the root and the factor for the continuing oppression and misery of the women. Religion is not only the opium of the mass in Iran, but is also the means of oppressing and socially controlling the women and interfering in the people’s most private aspects of life.

Under these circumstances and due the worsening economic crisis where more than 50% of the Iranian people live under the line of poverty, poverty has affected the women’s lives much more than the other groups in the society. The consequences of poverty can be seen reflected through all aspects of women’s social life and have posed them to many social vulnerabilities.

This situation and the barbarity and brutality against the women by the Islamic regime has crashed the women’s human identity so hard that the women’s protests and rebellions against the current situation has become one of the main pillars of the mass’s struggle in the cause of the revolution and emancipation from the Islamic republic.

In Iran, the political role of religion and its role in controlling the women have created the ground for the growth of liberal-bourgeois inclinations in the women’s movement more than in any other social movement. The strategy and perspective of these inclinations for women is to only make modifications and reforms in the Islamic laws in Iran. Under these circumstances, the socialist activists in the women’s movement must pioneer the struggle for removing the dominance of religion and religious laws from women’s social life and actively participate in any struggle in support of women’s demands no matter how limited without being worried about compromising with liberals or losing their perspective in the presence of other inclinations in the women’s movement.

Meanwhile, the socialist activists should not forget for a single moment that the root of oppression against women lies in the capitalist system. Without enlightenment about the roots of oppressions against women and the struggle for uprooting these oppressions, the women will not be able to advance with an effective struggle against the male-dominant culture and the anti-women religious and reactionary laws. Without attacking the capitalistic relationships, the women movement will not be able to even end the inequalities in rights, which is caused by the economic inequality.

The advancement of the women’s movement conditions that the women’s movement becomes a mass and social movement. In order to become a social and mass movement, the working and toiling women must be also involved in the mass struggle, which in turn requires the endorsement of women’s economic independence and their welfare needs and demands and showing the way to achieve these demands. The Iranian bourgeoisliberalism that jollifies private property and whose strategy is following the neoliberal economic plans dominant in the world cannot even ensure the women’s legal rights.

The women’s movement cannot bring down the walls of oppression and advance with its struggle triumphantly in isolation from other democratic social movements. The working class, due to the nature of its demands and the fact that the majority of women are working and toiling women, is the strategic ally of the women’s movement.

Let’s cherish the 8th of March, the freedom-loving women’s and men’s international solidarity day against gender apartheid, the day for reviving our united struggle for ending the interference of religion in the women’s social life and for achieving true equality between men and women by extending our efforts in holding more glorious ceremonies and actions on this historical day and aiming at a wider union between women’s movement and the worker’s movement.

The Communist party of Iran congratulates all the just and free women and men on the occasion of 8th of March, women’s international day, the day of reviving our united struggle against gender apartheid.

Long live the 8th of March, women’s international day
Long live Freedom, Equality and Workers’ State

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran, March 2009

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