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Solidarität gegen antigewerkschaftliche Repression

Posted by entdinglichung - 12. März 2009

Das Shop Stewards Network in Britannien hat eine neue Webseite zur Vernetzung und Unterstützung von durch Repression betroffene GewerkschafterInnen eingerichtet, nachfolgend dokumentiert die derzeit aktuellen Fälle:

This page will collate reports on trade unionists who face victimisation in the course of their duties

* Adrian Swain

Swain, a long-standing NUT activist and union rep was dismissed by an Interim Executive Board at St Paul’s Way Community School in Tower Hamlets (East London) just before Christmas. He was sacked for refusing to go along with a new dress code imposed by the then acting head without consultation.

* Yunus Bakhsh

Psychiatric nurse Yunus Bakhsh has been sacked by the NHS trust he works for in the North East and suspended from his positions as branch secretary and health executive member of UNISON. Click here, here and here for the original leaflets of the Defend Yunus Bakhsh campaign and here, here and here for the latest revelations about far-right involvement in his victimisation.

* John McDermott

UNISON member and convenor at East North East Homes in Leeds sacked for representing members. Click here for the full story.

* Stop the sacking of Joseph Stalin!

The UNISON Branch Chair at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, Joseph Stalin Bermudez [Anmerkung Entdinglichung: Der Arme heisst tatsächlich so], has been summarily dismissed by the School. He was akey activist in the SOAS Justice for Cleaners Campaign.

* Defend the Unison 4

Support the campaign to defend the four UNISON branch officers facing unjust disciplinary charges from their union.

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