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Freiheit für die politischen Gefangenen in Marokko und der besetzten Westsahara

Posted by entdinglichung - 21. März 2009

Ein Aufruf der Vierten Internationalen für die Freiheit der politischen Gefangenen in Marokko und der besetzten Westsahara, … ein Thema welches in der BRD-Linken keine grosse Rolle spielt; Quelle: International Viewpoint


Solidarity with progressive activists fighting repression

Fourth International

The Fourth International demands an immediate end to repression, the release of all detainees and a halt to all legal pursuit.

The Fourth International at its International Committee meeting in February 2009 expresses its solidarity with:

1. The activists imprisoned following the popular uprising at Sidi Ifni (summer 2008) whose trial is underway in Agadir;

2. The trade-unionists of the agricultural sector (Chtouka) who were imprisoned because of Article 288 of the Penal Code which criminalises strikes;

3. The students imprisoned in Marrakesh and those on trial in Agadir after the strugles against the neo-liberal reforms of the university;

4. The activists of the movement of young unemployed graduates who are repressed daily in the strets of the captial and other cities;

5. The Sahraoui activists (supporters of the Polisario Front) who suffer ferocious repression.

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