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Neues vom Immobilienmarkt Britannien

Posted by entdinglichung - 23. März 2009


Gentrifizierung ist kein nur urbanes Phänomen, in Worth Matravers/Dorset regt sich Widerstand gegen die sozialen Folgen der ansteigenden Zahl von Zweitwohnsitzen im Dorfe, der Guardian vom 21.03. berichtet:

„A week ago slogans including „No More 2nd Homes“ and „Go Away“ appeared overnight on the walls and driveways of the development of four new houses near the centre of Worth Matravers, a village of about 170 properties occupying a glorious spot on hills overlooking the extended inlet that forms Poole harbour. At around £450,000 each, the smart new homes, built from grey-brown Purbeck stone, are aimed at second home purchasers or comfortable retirees from elsewhere, rather than locals in an area where most jobs come from farming, quarrying or tourism. This development attracted extra local ire as it occupies the site of a former craft centre and cafe.“

die Parolen sind allerdings nicht unbedingt emanzipatorisch … einige Alteingesessene empfinden eine klammheimliche Freude:

„Jill Thompson is 71, a churchgoing pillar of her community and not the sort to condone vandalism. But she makes an exception for the still unidentified locals who daubed graffiti condemning second home owners and other incomers on a nearby estate of expensive new houses.

„I don’t really make a habit of encouraging criminality,“ she said on the doorstep of her terrace house in Worth Matravers, one of perhaps 40% of properties in the pretty Dorset village to be occupied all year round. „But if I’d known it was happening I’d have given them the paint.““

Hohe Mieten verhindern, dass manche Lohnabhängige überhaupt noch einigermassen menschenwürdigen Wohnraum finden können:

„A few minutes away is the duck pond and well-tended green. A 20-year-old local woman, who asked not to be named, was cutting the grass for a local gardening firm. At the end of the day she would return to a caravan, her home for the past three years. „Doing a job like this, it’s all I can afford. I couldn’t pay the rent on a flat,“ she said.“

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