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Freiheit für Pedram Nasrollahi, Borhan Saidi und Salam Ghaderi!

Posted by entdinglichung - 31. März 2009

Quelle: Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network (IWSN):

Free Pedram, Borhan and Salam now!

Pedram Nasrollahi
Borhan Saidi
Salam Ghaderi

IWSN campaign

Three Kurdish labour activists were recently arrested for the ‚crime‘ of defending workers‘ rights, attending workers‘ meetings and not caving in to the Iranian regime’s threats. Pedram Nasrollahi, Borhan Saidi and Salam Ghaderi have the support of dozens of workers in Sanandaj and other parts of Iranian Kurdistan.

Iranian Workers‘ Solidarity Network defends the rights of these activists to carry on their struggle for basic labour rights and calls for their immediate and unconditional release.

An injury to one is an injury to all!
Free all political prisoners in Iran!

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network, 30 March 2009

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Vier weitere Morde an kolumbianischen Gewerkschaftern

Posted by entdinglichung - 31. März 2009

Quelle: ITUC-CSI … zu weiteren Morden im Januar/Februar, siehe hier:


Murders of trade union leaders and members and violence against the trade union movement are continuing, despite the Colombian authorities’ assertions to the contrary. Ramiro Cuadros Roballo, Walter Escobar Marín, José Alejandro Amado Castillo and Alexander Pinto Gómez were murdered this March, bringing to nine the number of trade unionists killed in 2009. For years, Ramiro Cuadros Roballo, a member of the Valle Teachers’ Union (SUTEV), a branch of the Colombian Teachers’ Federation (FECODE) in Valle del Cauca department, had been receiving threats, and these became more frequent at the end of last year. These threats were duly reported to the appropriate authorities and to the Valle Committee for Threatened and Displaced Persons, which was examining his case, since another teacher, Cuadros Robayo, had followed the procedure specified by Decree 3222 of 2003 to secure recognition as a threatened teacher. On 24 March, as he was about to drive to work, he was confronted by gunmen, who shot him and fled. Walter Escobar worked at the José María Carbonell school, in the city of Cali in Valle del Cauca department. The circumstances surrounding his murder are not known, since his corpse was found in the city of Palmira on 21 March. He had not been at school for eight days.

José Alejandro Amado Castillo and Alexander Pinto Gómez, of the Girón Santander High and Medium Security Prison, were also murdered in March. On their way home in an official vehicle, they were killed by gunmen on motorbikes. They were both members of the Trade Union Organisation of Employees of the National Penitentiary and Prisons Institution, INPEC ASEINPEC, an affiliate of CGT (General Confederation of Labour).

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