… alle Verhältnisse umzuwerfen, in denen der Mensch ein erniedrigtes, ein geknechtetes, ein verlassenes, ein verächtliches Wesen ist … (Marx)


Posted by entdinglichung - 2. April 2009

Gestern in London, Quelle: BBC … die Medien warten gespannt, bis das passiert, was die Meute sehen will:

Der Guardian dazu:

„This incredible photo shows how many photographers were outside the RBS branch, presumably waiting for something like this to happen.“

ansonsten kann mensch sich folgenden Zeilen von George Monbiot nur anschliessen:

„The trouble-makers are out in force again. Dressed in black, their faces partly obscured, some of them appear to be interested only in violent confrontation. It’s almost as if they are deliberately raising the temperature, pushing and pushing until a fight kicks off. But this isn’t some disorganised rabble: these people were bussed in and are plainly acting in concert. There’s another dead giveaway. They are all wearing the same slogan: Police.

The police have been talking up violence at the G20 protests for weeks. They briefed journalists and companies in the City of London about the evil designs of the climate campaigners intending to demonstrate there, but refused to let the campaigners attend the briefings and put their own side of the story. They also rebuffed the campaigners when they sought to explain to the police what they wanted to do.

The way officers tooled themselves up in riot gear and waded into a peaceful crowd this afternoon makes it look almost as if they were trying to ensure that their predictions came true. Their bosses appear to have failed either to read or to heed the report by the parliamentary committee on human rights last week, about the misuse of police powers against protesters. „Whilst we recognise police officers should not be placed at risk of serious injury,“ the report said, „the deployment of riot police can unnecessarily raise the temperature at protests.““

Eine Antwort zu “PressefotografInnen”

  1. Pent C. Klarke said

    Kann die Aufregung darüber nicht nachvollziehen. Die Jungs tun schließlich was für’s Versicherungsgeschäft. Vielleicht sind es ja sogar Angestellte der Bank in der Mittagspause, denen für diesen Tag geraten worden war, nicht im Nadelstreifenanzug in die City zu kommen?

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