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Polizisten sind nie gewalttätig …

Posted by entdinglichung - 25. April 2009

Quelle: Evening Standard … irgendwie haben die Londoner Cops derzeit ein massives Image-Problem …

„The Met [Londoner Bullerei] today confirmed that an Enfield police officer was being investigated over alleged Facebook comments.

Pc Rob Ward, 27, is claimed to have posted the comment an hour after Ian Tomlinson died following rioting in the City on 1 April. His message, left at 8.17 that night, referred to the world leaders‘ summit taking place the next day. Mr Tomlinson’s death was not known publicly at the time.

Pc Ward faces possible disciplinary action but has not been suspended.

The message — spelled incorrectly — reads: “Can’t wait to bash some long haired hippys up @ the G20.” Some 20 minutes after Pc Ward posted his comment he got a reply saying: “LMAO (Laughing my a**e off). Dats bad but good in da same way lol (laugh out loud).”“


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