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1. Mai 2009 im Iran

Posted by entdinglichung - 4. Mai 2009

Einige Hinweise auf die Maidemonstrationen welche in Tehran und Sanandaj stattfanden … es kann gar nicht häufig genug gesagt werden, dass der Mut und die Entschlossenheit der iranischen KollegInnen und GenossInnen unsere volle Bewunderung und Unterstützung verdient:

* aus May Day in Sanandaj auf IWSN:

At 5pm on May 1 2009 workers and their families gathered in Sanandaj’s Amiriyeh Park to commemorate International Labour Day. The May Day celebration was disrupted after 15 minutes when police and plain-clothes security officers attacked those gathered, beating them and arresting 12 people.

Sanandaj 1

Mansour Karimi, Ms Shiva Sohani, Ms Leila Khalili and Kourosh Bakhshandeh are among those arrested. To break up the gathering the security forces used tear gas, pepper spray, and even beat women and children.
Sanandaj, in Kudistan, is one of the main centres of workers‘ struggles in Iran.

* aus dem Statement No. 1 by the First of May Organizing Committee auf IASWI:

„Many women and men from various age range have been arrested and are now in prison

On the occasion of 1st of May, the International Workers’ Day, and in response to the call by the independent Iranian labour and activist organizations at 5pm on Friday 1 May, a large group of Iranian workers, labour activists and their families gathered at Laleh Park in Tehran to celebrate the May Day and promote their demands.

The security forces who from days prior to the occasion, had taken measures, such as following the activists and making constant threatening telephone calls, to prevent the gathering, appeared in police uniform on the day, and along with several plain clothes police had taken up positions in the Park, hours before the official celebration.

Security forces based in several key companies and factories, including the Vahed Bus Company of Tehran, had also been brought to the gathering to identify the labour activists employed by these companies and pass on the information to the mainstream security present in the park. Filming and taking photos of the participants by security police had been carried out extensively throughout the day.

The presence of a very large number of participants, despite the initial efforts to prevent this, angered the intelligence forces. Immediately after the start of the gathering, and whilst the slogans of “long live workers’ movement” and “Workers, Unite” began to fill the park, the security forces embarked on an aggressive and unrestrained attack. Many of the participants were hit by police buttons and subjected to electrical shocks. Some were surrounded by police and whilst thrown to the ground as a result of button charges, were hit in a savage manner by several police individuals. Police also used a type of coughing and eye-burning gas to disperse the crowd.

Some of the participants began defending themselves against the waves of attacks and police’s attempts to arrest them. A large number of workers and activists, some with faces covered in blood, were arrested by the police. After this show of force, the security police began arresting people outside the park and in the surrounding streets.

In the course of this, more than 150 women and men from various age range, have been arrested and are now in prison.

The 1st of May Organising Committee whilst congratulating the Iranian working class movement for this extraordinary success to hold a common May Day celebration by various labour and activists organizations, and identifying it as a turning point in Iran’s workers’ struggle, and whilst announcing the ruling class’s attempt to quell this unified action as a defeat, hereby condemn this inhuman and savage attempt to suppress the gathering and demand for the unconditional freedom of all those arrested in the course of this incident.“

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