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Augusto Boal (1931-2009)

Posted by entdinglichung - 5. Mai 2009

Am 2. Mai starb im Alter von 78 Jahren in Rio de Janeiro Augusto Boal, der Vater des Theater der Unterdrückten:

„Schluss mit einem Theater, das die Realität nur interpretiert; es ist an der Zeit, sie zu verändern!“

„Teatro do Oprimido é o teatro no sentido mais arcaico do termo. Todos os seres humanos são atores – porque atuam – e espectadores – porque observam. Somos todos ‚espect-atores‘.“

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Radical Women: Immigrant rights are a feminist fight!

Posted by entdinglichung - 5. Mai 2009

Quelle: Radical Women, eine spanische Version des Aufrufes gibt es hier:

Immigrant rights are a feminist fight!

by Christina López, Radical Women National Executive Committee

Around the world, May Day is a working peoples‘ holiday. For decades, the United States has tried to ignore it. But massive May Day marches in 2006 demanding justice for immigrants sparked a resurgence of this day of action. And those huge mobilizations made a difference.

They led to the utter defeat of the racist Sensenbrenner bill in the U.S. Congress. And they fueled successful opposition to all the „reforms“ lawmakers have come up with since then. Most of these unacceptable proposals included temporary worker programs, forced detentions, militarized borders, and exorbitant fines for undocumented workers. However, ICE raids and deportations are still a brutal reality. And now the world has plunged into a financial crisis.

Hard times. Everyone is disgusted as bankers and automakers are handed bailouts, while working people get lower wages and layoffs. CEOs deposit million-dollar bonuses while public schools close and social services disappear. Meanwhile, far-right politicians and radio jocks blame immigrants for the suffering caused by capitalists! Actually, immigrants are severe victims of the depression. For the first time in decades, their unemployment rate is higher than native-born workers.

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