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Vickramabahu Karunarathne (Bahu) zur aktuellen Situation in Lanka:

Posted by entdinglichung - 19. Mai 2009

Der Krieg in Lanka bewegt leider sowohl deutsche Linke wie Weltöffentlichkeit in geringerem Massen als andere vergleichbare Konflikte, daher hier ein einige Tage altes Statement von Vickramabahu „Bahu“ Karunarathne von der Nava Sama Samaaja Party (NSSP), gefunden auf Links – International Journal of Socialist Renewal:

There is an international commotion about the bloodbath and the human disaster in Lanka. It can lead eventually to an international intervention that could enslave everybody. We called this press conference to make everybody aware of the developing situation.

Government leaders claim that they have confined the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) activity to a very small area near Mulative. It is said that the LTTE leadership and the last battalions are within the 15,000 people caught in the Area. The LTTE challenges these figures and say that around 120,000 are cornered in the limited area. The UN says it is more than 50,000. Whatever it may be, the only access to food and other necessities for these people is the Red Cross shipments that are supposed to arrive twice a week to this enclosure with the government’s permission. This shipment includes 25 tonnes of food and medicine, and the boat takes back is about 500 passengers. There are more than 2000 wounded and sick in the area waiting to go out but the government has not made any extra arrangements for that. While these people are confined to this hellhole the government is continuing its attacks. Shells and multibarrel rockets are used day and night. In the last few days over 2000 were killed and many more are injured.

The Sri Lankan government claims that the LTTE is responsible for this misery and demands that the Tigers should unconditionally surrender. But at the same time the government says that the Tigers are criminals already convicted by Lankan and Indian courts. Therefore they will be punished accordingly. In that event there is no room for any discussion at all. the Tigers are assumed to be just criminals and not even an indirect product of Tamil national problem. At the same time they have accepted that nearly 3000 LTTE cadres are in their custody. But nobody knows where they are. It is suspected that they are kept at some desolate place in Vanni. Their fate is totally unknown. In the recent past many who were in state custody were killed in „confrontations“ with the prisoners, when they were taken out of the place of imprisonment! Among them, some were LTTE suspects. Wijeweera, a Sinhala rebel was burned alive while he was in army custody. In that background, if the LTTE leaders surrender their fate will be a shameful humiliating death. It will be a severe discredit to the struggle and the Tamil people. In that reality we ask who has the right to demand the LTTE surrender.

We, the Left do not agree with the ferocious methods and the bourgeois politics of the Tigers. But they are Tamil liberation fighters and they have the right to be treated as such. Bogus demands of the government have no meaning. Government is demanding that the Tamil people be allowed to leave Tiger areas so that Tiger militants are left behind to be slaughtered by the army. Some lunatics blame the Tigers for not agreeing to this demand! If these ladies and gentlemen are so committed to the innocent lives they should demand the government to agree to a genuine ceasefire.

The people who have entered the Sinhala army zone are kept in military protected camps. These are open prisons without adequate facilities. No real information about the situation is available from independent sources. Those who divulge information obtained secretly, are punished or thrown out of the country. In such a situation there could be a large number of displaced Tamils who are willingly with the Tiger army. Afterall, to a Tamil misery under the Tamil army may be better than being a prisoner of the alien Sinhala forces. This tragic situation has developed into an international uprising of the Tamil people, or more correctly a Dravidian universal protest. It is severely felt in India and spreading into the developed world. There are violent mass agitations everywhere. This could lead to an induction of foreign forces in Lanka.

We must stop this debacle and bloodletting. Sinhala soldiers are also killed and wounded in thousands. All of them are from poor peasant families. Misery spreads into all corner of the country. We demand that the government stop the war and go for a peace agreement now!

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