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Vermischtes zum Iran

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. Juni 2009

1.) Luxemburger Anarchist und Modernity Blog haben jeweils beide Listen mit informativen Weblinks zur Situation im Iran zusammengestellt, eine reihe aktueller Berichte gibt es auch auf dem Blog von Ali Shirasi und auf Rotten Gods.

2.) Zum Kotzen: George „The Cat“ Galloway zur Wahlfarce:

„But there are absolutely no grounds for the cats‘ chorus of criticism and allegations now emanating from some quarters after the cookie crumbled the wrong way.

I have been more closely interested than normal in this poll.

I present two weekly shows for Iranian-owned Press TV [staatsnaher internationaler iranischer Fernsehsender].

As such, I know that, uniquely for a developing country, the Iranian broadcast media went to extraordinary lengths to be fair to all four presidential candidates.

More than 85 per cent of the electors turned out to vote – compared with 35 per cent in our own elections recently. That’s nearly 40million Xs on ballot papers.“

… wes Brot ich ess, dess Lied ich sing …

3.) Auch zum Kotzen: Jürgen Elsässer auf den Spuren von Mahler, Rabehl & Co. auf hxxp://juergenelsaesser.wordpress.com/2009/06/15/gluckwunsch-ahmadinedschad/ (siehe dazu auch hier)

„Hier wollen Discomiezen, Teheraner Drogenjunkies und die Strichjungen des Finanzkapitals eine Party feiern. Gut, dass Ahmidenedschads Leute ein bisschen aufpassen und den einen oder anderen in einen Darkroom befördert haben.“

… Jürgen Elsässer Ergüsse unterscheiden sich nicht mehr von den Vernichtungsphantasien, welche deutsche Spiesser 1968 über Hippies, „GammlerInnen“ und demonstrierende Studierende absonderten …

4.) Aus einem Interview mit einem Sozialisten aus dem Iran auf Workers‘ Liberty:

„After the huge demonstrations in every city and the killing in Tehran on Monday (I think 7 were killed), there has been a call for a strike – for shops to close, for everyone to come out. Different groups will do different things – some will demonstrate outside the TV station, others the Telecoms buildings. Most plan to go to Valiasr Square [at the time of posting their has been some confusion over whether this will happen, but there is also a news blackout, so we may have to wait some time to find out].

The recount shows the regime trying to withdraw but the demonstrations have been so huge they cannot control events. Mousavi was chosen by part of the establishment to be part of this election but he also cannot control events. Once the people are on the streets in such huge numbers they are not frightened of the regime.

If the movement continues I hope the workers will begin to move. The only hope for significant change lies with the workers. The small Iranian left inside Iran has to focus efforts on helping the workers to strike. The workers can paralyse the regime and once they begin to move will grow in self-confidence. But the leaders of the workers’ movement in Iran have been imprisoned. Other workers are frightened to come out. If they do move they will start by organising strike committees and factory committees rather than trade unions. There are older workers who will remember 1979 and remember the lessons.

The good thing is that the leftists who backed Islamic dictatorship after 1979 are no longer there. And the Communist Organisations are very small in Iran – and it has no strategy. In the last 8 years the student movement has had access to the historical literature of the Marxist left. For example translations into Farsi of theoretical debates have been made.“

5.) Die Gulf News aus Dubai melden, dass Streiks offenbar den Wirtschaftsstandort Iran gefährden und das scheue Reh Kapital zu verscheuchen drohen:

„The UAE’s largest private agriculture firm has scaled back its activities in Iran following a strike by farmers there earlier this year, an executive said on Sunday.

Dubai-based Mirak Agricultural Services holds more than 200 hectares of farmland in the UAE and 16 hectares in Iran.

The company plans to focus expansion in the UAE, Nejdeh Ghadimi, assistant managing director, said. „We have confined our activity in Iran to a smaller area …with [fewer] people …This happened after a number of workers staged strikes,“ he said.

He declined to give more details on the strikes.

Mirak owns a farm in Heshetgerd, west of Iran’s capital Tehran.

Ghadimi said it was easier to control immigrant workers in the UAE than farm labourers in Iran, where unions were strong.“

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John Saville (1916-2009)

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. Juni 2009

Am 13. juni starb im Alter von 93 Jahren John Saville: marxistischer Historiker, Mitbegründer des New Reasoner (zusammen mit E.P. Thompson) und des Socialist Register und eine der bekanntesten Figuren der britischen New Left, nachfolgend einige Auszüge aus einem von Eric Hobsbawm verfassten Nachruf aus dem gestrigen Guardian:

„Khrushchev’s denunciation of Stalin in 1956, or, more exactly, the failure of the British CP leadership to recognise its significance, transformed the Historians‘ Group from loyalists into vocal critics. Saville’s was the first voice raised at its meetings. Soon, in partnership with another Yorkshire Communist historian, EP Thompson, he launched an opposition journal, the New Reasoner. Both were suspended by the CP and soon resigned from it with their supporters under the impact of the Hungarian rising of that year.

Saville remained a Marxist and, like most of the ex-Communist historians, firmly on the left; indeed, decidedly „old left“ rather than „new left“, let alone New Labour. The Society for the Study of Labour History, which he helped to found in 1958, inspired his most influential work: Essays in Labour History and the Dictionary of Labour Biography. This latter, remarkable, work, the best of its kind anywhere in the world, will almost certainly remain as his most lasting monument. He was also a force in the new Oral History Society, of which he became the first chairman in 1973, and in the library and publications department of Hull University, not to mention the economic and social history committee of what was then the Social Science Research Council.“

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