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Statement der Kommunistischen Partei Iran zu den Protesten

Posted by entdinglichung - 19. Juni 2009

Quelle: Webseite der CPIran, ansonsten hier noch der Hinweis auf die im allgemeinen relativ informative Berichterstattung des Guardian zum Thema, weitere Beiträge zu den Kämpfen im Iran auf dieser Webseite unter https://entdinglichung.wordpress.com/category/iran/


Communiqué of Central Committee of Communist Party of Iran

On Current Protests in Iranian Cities

Workers, liberated people of Iran

The regime of Islamic Republic is facing one of its most extensive political, economical crises of
its 30 years existence. The extent and dimensions of this crisis has clearly manifested itself in: inflation
and unbearable high costs, unemployment in millions, successive bankruptcies of production centers and
industrial firms, international isolation, growth of social movements and mass protests, an intensification
of differences amongst the ruling class.

By augmenting the position of Pasdaran Corps within the state, the dominant faction is aiming to
by pass this crisis through a harsh military dictatorship, and thus guaranteeing the survival of Islamic
Republic. In pursuit of this goal, by utilizing and organizing military-security forces, by playing a behindthe-
scene role in the election scenario, the regime once again pulled out Ahmadinejad from the boxes. At
the moment the dominant faction is going through the last scene of the election scenario; with the aid of
Martial Law and assistance of various government sectors, public television and radio, and other
publications and media outlets, it is turning the presence of those very social strata it draw to ballot boxes
to a reserve for their own suppression.

Now, social strata and groups disillusioned and regretful from participating in the election are
next to folks who have always been disgusted by the regime’s existence in its totality, turning streets of
Tehran and other major cities of Iran into a space for protest against Pasdaran Corps’ electoral coupe.
Security forces are beastly attacking protesting, angry masses. Universities, streets and various squares in
Tehran and other cities in Iran have turned into stages of an unequal conflict between empty handed
masses, and the regime’s security forces armed to teeth.

The people who went to ballot boxes influenced by: demagogy and deceitful campaign
commercials of regimes leaders, government reformers, Western press, and that section of bourgeois
opposition supporting the regime, shall not repeat their historical mistake in another form by following
Mussavy, Korubi, or Khatami. These executives of the regime have always been a constant pillar of
Islamic Republic’s 30 years of existence, and have participated in every crime committed by the regime
against the people. Now that Mir Hossain Mussavy advises people to chant “Allah o Akbar” at night from
their rooftops, people should know that for 30 years bat-wielding thugs of Ansar Hezbollah have been
attacking protesting workers, women, students, and the revolutionary movement in Kurdistan while
chanting “Allah o Akbar,” under the guidance of these very same gentlemen. The chant of “Allah o
Akbar” is a symbol of theocratic state and as such a manifestation of utter lack of most basic human rights
for Iranian people.

Government reformers have never had the inclination, credentials, or the ability to lead Iranian
people’s just struggle, and they never will. Masses shall not be turned into a reserve force for settling
accounts by candidates that lost to Ahmadinejad. Masses shall not follow their reactionary slogans.
It is imperative for the people to participate in the struggle with their own slogans and demands;
demands which stem from their real everyday lives and needs. They should choose such slogans and
demands which, if implemented, will jolt pillars of the state and function as a genuine prospect in
people’s lives.

The people shall turn the demands for; separation of religion from state, unconditional political
freedom, freedom for all political prisoners, guaranteeing of complete equality between women and men
in every single aspect of social life, abolition of forced covering for women, freedom to create workers’
organizations, cost of living adjustment, guaranteeing of personal freedom, elimination of national
oppression, abolition of death penalty… into slogans for their struggles and protests.

Labor movement and other vanguard social movements should organize their ranks through
struggles for attainment of these demands. Overthrowing of Islamic Republic and actualization of social
revolution goes through this path. Party activists socialist vanguards are required to actively engage in the
current situation and take these orientations into the midst of people’s protests.

Down with Islamic Republic
Long live Freedom, Equality, Workers State
Long live Socialism

3/25/1388 – 6/15/2009

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