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Iran-Update 23.06. 2009

Posted by entdinglichung - 23. Juni 2009

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1.) Liveticker zum heutigen Tage auf der Webseite des Guardian

There are reports that 30% of employees in Iran are taking part in a general strike. If you have more information please us verify this.“

2.) Weitere Filmberichte von den Demonstrationen und der Repression vom 20.06. sowie ein Update zum heutigen Tage u.a. mit einem Bericht von der Repression gegen Studierende an der Mazandaran University in Babolsar, der Ermordung einer Studentin durch Repressionskräfte in Bandar Abbas sowie von einer Protestversammlung von Familienangehörigen von Inhaftierten vor einem Gerichtsgebäude in Tehran auf Revolutionary Road

3.) Ein Bericht von der gestrigen Demo in Tehran auf dem Blog von Ali Schirasi

4.) Inzwischen ist die vierte Ausgabe der Tehraner Untergrundzeitung Khiaban (Die Strasse) erschienen, hier einige Auszüge aus einem übersetzten Artikel auf Iran in the Gulf:

“In Mousavi’s manifesto #5, he asked the people to protest…but in this manifesto he implicitly states that… he is not able to be fully with the people in their revolutionary stance, for he is also of the same regime, and in the same manifesto he counted the Basij as brothers and the Sepah guardians of the revolution and of Islam. People with their own eyes saw armed and club-wielding motorcycle-riding Basiji kill and oppress the people… The truth is these rabid regime dogs were made for internal warfare. The words of Khamanei made the people determined to fight the coup d’etat. The great protests of people in Azadi square Saturday and Meidan Vali Asr on Sunday showed the world that the smell of revolution is coming from Iran..”

“The slogan “Death to the dictator” showed that this was not just an opposition to the election fraud, but effective opposition to the fascist regime called the Islamic republic…also that participation in the elections also was in opposition to the totality of the regime…”

“Saturday and sunday were an important turning point for the history of Iran…from then on, everyone knew that the hope of change and reform of the regime is not the reformist wing, and that there is only one price for bread and freedom: Revolution.”

5.) Das Statement der Free Trade Union of Iranian Workers (übersetzt von den GenossInnen des IWSN) vom 18.06.:

Message of the Free Trade Union of Iranian Workers to Iranian workers

Forty-eight days have passed since the suppression and arrests of the workers’ gathering on International Labour Day – May Day. During this time important events have taken place and have caused widespread and amazing changes in the social movement of the country.

During their televised debates the presidential election candidates accused each other of violating the citizens’ rights, embezzlement, theft, mismanagement, and incompetence. But none of them had any objection to the laws that have allowed the disastrous events affecting the majority of the population. None of them had any objection to the law that takes away a worker’s right to strike, sets his wages at a quarter of the poverty line, takes away his right to [form] organisations, allows mass lay-offs, the signing of blank contracts and forces a one-month temporary contract on him.

On the issues of the freedom of speech, the freedom to dress [as you choose], and tens and hundreds of inhuman case that today govern society, they did not say a word, and if they did point to cases in a superficial way, every one of them was an attempt [by the candidate] to clear himself and accuse the other, as if his opponent has been more strict than himself. In all those debates, clearly and in confronting each other, the candidates themselves proved that they accept all the present laws and conditions and that their only quarrel is on snatching power from their opponent.

Therefore, we workers, under the present conditions, when social protests have taken the form of a mass and huge movement that has come on the scene to achieve its demands, it is our right to turn the leaflet with the demands of our fellow working class people, into our banner and to raise it. These demands are as follows:

1- Immediate increase in the minimum wage to over 1 million tomans [$1010] a month.
2- An end to temporary contracts and new forms of work contracts.
3- The disbanding of the Labour House and the Islamic Labour Councils as government organisations in the factories and workshops, and the setting up of shoras [councils] and other workers’ organisations independent from the government.
4- Immediate payment of workers’ unpaid wages without any excuses.
5- An end to laying-off workers and payment of adequate unemployment insurance to all unemployed workers.
6- The immediate release of all political prisoners including the workers arrested on May Day, Jafar Azimzadeh, Gholamreza Khani, Said Yuzi, Said Rostami, Mehdi Farahi-Shandiz, Kaveh Mozafari, Mansour Osanloo and Ebrahim Madadi, and an end to surveillance and harassment of workers and labour leaders.
7- The right to strike, protest, assemble and the freedom of speech and the press are the workers’ absolute right.
8- An end to sexual discrimination, child labour and the sacking of foreign workers.

Workers! Today we have a duty to intervene, to pose our demands independently and by relying on our own united strength, together with other sections of society, to work towards achieving our human rights

The Free Trade Union of Iranian Workers, 18 June 2009″

6.) Weitere Nachrichten und Texte zum Thema:

Extraits d’ une dépêche de l’agence Reuters auf Révolution en Iran zu den Ereignissen des gestrigen Tages in Tehran
Iran: the people clash with the State – Now a general strike is needed auf In Defence of Marxism
– NPA: Avec la population et les travailleurs d’Iran ! (hier als Flugblatt (pdf-Datei))
Iran-Berichterstattung auf La Bataille Socialiste
– GenossInnen der Worker-communism Unity Party (WUP) berichten von Flugblattverteil-Aktionen in Tehran und Sanandaj

7.) Die BRD hat Jürgen Elsässer und in Britannien gibt es Yvonne Ridley:

„I’m quite a fan of Mahmoud Admadinejad who is adored by the common man and woman in Iran. Anyone who vows to narrow the gap between rich and poor can’t be all that bad… unless you’re one of the rich!“

Yvonne Ridley ist immerhin reich genug, um ihre Tochter auf ein privates Internat zu schicken

8.) Internet conspiranoids betray Iran (left and right) auf World War 4 Report:

„Conspiranoids and freedom-haters of the left and right alike are rushing to betray the Iranian protest movement. On the supposed „left,“ the retro-Stalinist Workers World and its International Action Center as well as (disappointingly) Monthly Review and the World Socialist Website have weighed in for Ahmadinejad and dissed the protesters as dupes or pawns of US imperialism. How interesting to see these supposed „leftists“ making common cause with right-wing cheerleaders for authoritarian regimes…

It’s all too telling that many of these right-wing conspiranoids are being promoted by the ostensible „left“—such as Reagan admin veteran Paul Craig Roberts on Alex Cockburn’s Counterpunch. Echoing a familiar theme, Roberts asks „Are the Iranian Protests Another US Orchestrated ‚Color Revolution?'“


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  1. […] die sich irgendwie mit der aktuellen situation im iran beschäftigen bzw. beschäftigt haben können nun mal was ganz praktisches machen und eventuell bringt das sogar irgendwa… […]

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