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Iran-Update 09.07. 2009 – Marg Bar Jomhuriye Eslami!

Posted by entdinglichung - 9. Juli 2009

Weitere Artikel zum Thema auf dieser Seite unter https://entdinglichung.wordpress.com/category/iran/:

1.) Seiten mit regelmässig aktualisierter Berichterstattung: Revolutionary Road (hier auch ein Update vom gestrigen Tag), News from the struggles in Iran (HOPI), Révolution en Iran, Rise of The Iranian People und LabourStart.

Revolutionary Road berichtet:

1. There have been reports of atrocities committed against villages in Iran. According to partially confirmed reports, a village near Kamyaran in the Kordestan Province was set on fire by security forces because of protests there last week. Several villagers have also been arrested and are currently in custody.

2. In anticipation of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech on Tuesday night, people across Iran came up with a unique plan to disrupt the transmission of the broadcast. The plan was to turn on as many electronic devices as possible, thus disrupting the flow of electricity across the country. Reports confirm that during his speech parts of Karaj, Ghazvin, Sari, Tabriz, Isfahan, Rodehen, Saghez, Lavasan, Ahvaz, Khoramshahr, Dezful, Jahrom, Khomeini Shahr, Shahin Shahr, Folad Shahr, Kashan and Rasht experienced massive black-outs.

3. Black-outs were also reported in Eastern Tehran, as well as the areas of Baharestan, Sarcheshme and Amir Kabir in Central Tehran. There were unconfirmed reports of gunshots in Eastern Tehran as well as Basijis attacking people who climbed to their rooftops to chant ‘Allah o Akbar’ and ‘Death to the Dictator’.

2.) Zum heutigen 10. Jahrestag der StudentInnenproteste von 1999 Liveberichterstattung auf Revolutionary Road:

Proteste und Zusammenstösse in Tehran (dort auch Schüsse), Shiraz, Tabriz, Isfahan, Mashad, Sari (Mazandaran), Teile des Tehraner Bazar im Streik, Versammlungen an verschiedenen Unis

Bilder von den heutigen Protesten auf Révolution en Iran hier und hier

Zur StudentInnenbewegung von 1999 findet mensch einen Artikel von damals auf der Webseite der Iranian Revolutionary Marxists‘ Tendency (IRMT)

3.) Ein dringender Appell (Quelle: Kasama)

Urgent Call!
Letter to Student Newsletter Bazr
July 03, 2009

News leaking from prisons and underground detention centers In Iran-Tehran, where detainees of the recent uprisings are kept is horrifying. It is important to start a massive campaign to expose on going crimes and genocides and to demand an unconditional and immediate release of all political prisoners. In Iran , families of the past or recent political prisoners can be the central nucleus and instigator to start the campaign. But, at this point and time Iranian in Diaspora can play a very significant role in this matter. Even the gatherings of the anniversary of the massacre of 1989 can be used as an occasion for this purpose.

News talk of brutal and inhumane tortures of inflicted on youths and others detained in resent uprising with intention to kill. At the same time pressure is put on marked and known people, like reporters and activists in Moussavi or Karrobi’s camp to confess to their alleged crimes. It seems that in case of youths they are adopting the Latin America policies of disappearance. A prison guard in Evin was explaining that every day, from the segment allocated to Basiji (Militia ) and information center of the Revolutionary Guard (army ), where no one is allowed to enter there, the harsh and severe torturing is going on and that they are all unnerved because of the screams and cries from within; and that every day at least 10 corps, killed under the tortures are thrown in the ambulances and carried out to an unmarked burial places.

The aim of mass arrests and physical abuses in the public places and detention centers, while people are watching, is to scare everybody off. I myself know of few cases where the arrests took place because of age or physical appearance. They had been released after 10 hours of beating and verbal abuse with the hope of sending the message out. This is not their sole tactic. They are picking the most militant and active youths who were involved in street fight in and around the Basiji centers and state institutions out of the pictures taken by surveillance cameras, in an attempt to eradicate them from mass uprising. In most recent days, those who were shouting slogans from their roof tops are being picked and taken to detention centers. As had been mentioned earlier, they are attempting, before the start of school year when they most probably face with problem from teachers and students alike, do away with a few hundred people by the way of physical termination. It is also probable that schools will be half open. Secretary of education in a recent announcement mentioned that 300,000 eligible students for A.C.T. test did not come forward for their ID card, nor did they participate in the national exams. Who were these people? Why didn’t they take part in the exams? Some say it was a form of protest and others say they had lost their interest to take the test and had no heart and mind for it. A few hundreds could have also been fugitive. Another news from the secretary was that this year only 20% of usual 40% entry permit allocating to the Islamists revolutionaries and Basijis will be allowed, which means ( he is signaling) that there is more rooms for every body else. This was said at the time when it was understood that such allocations no longer exists. It is feasible that the plan is to fill the universities with Basijis to crush the student movements. It is of utmost importance that our comrades in Diaspora massively campaign on issue of disappearance. It is expected that this policy, just like the one in Latin America , be used against the students. Coup d’état doesn’t even show any mercy for its own. To be aware of where they are standing, in regard to their internal conflicts, a retired prominent element of the ministry of information, now active member of Rafsanjani or Moussavi’s camp, had sent a letter of complaints to Zarghami ( the head of Iran’s radio-television ). He was kidnapped, beaten for a few hours and released. If they behave in such manners towards their own, can you imagine what they would do with students and youngsters who rose against them?

It is an urgent situation, don’t waste time!

4.) Quelle der nachfolgend dokumentierten Meldung zur Repression gegen einen Gewerkschaftsaktivisten in Ahvaz Human Rights Activists in Iran:

„Abulfazl Abedini was charged with ‘Acting Against National Security’ and was sent to Karun Prison in Ahvaz with bail set to forty million Toumans.

This morning, family of Abulfazl Abedini, member of HRA (Human Rights Activists) – Iran, visited the 12th branch of investigative revolutionary court in Ahvaz, and were told that he’s charged with Acting Against National Security and

Has been sent to Karun prison in Ahvaz with a bail of forty million Toumans.

When the family visited the prison (Karun Prison in Ahvaz), they were informed of his transfer to Sepidar Prison within past few days, upon family’s visit to the Sepidar Prison, the prison official denied any knowledge of anyone by the name Abulfazl Abedini in that prison.

It is noteworthy that Abulfazl Abedini was exonerated of the previous ‘propaganda against the Regime’ charges which were brought against him, at the number two branch of Ahvaz Revolutionary Court, due to his involvement in the Haft Tapeh labor strikes, he was tried for a second time for these charges, but was again acquitted which triggered an objection from district attorney and the case was transferred to thirteenth branch of Revolutionary Appeals Court in Ahvaz. This Labor Rights Activist has a reduced sentence of six months related to a two year sentence in year 1386. Should he be found guilty, he will be forced to serve this six months as well.

Abulfazl Abedini was arrested in his residence on Tuesday of last week at 9:00 am (Tehran time) and was transferred to an undisclosed location. He has had no contact with this family and has had no access to an attorney“

5.) Die studentische Aktivistin und Übersetzerin Bita Samimizad wurde aus dem Knast entlassen.

6.) Berichte aus Iranisch-Kurdistan in englischer Sprache auf dem Blog eastkurd.blog.co.uk/, hier u.a. die Meldung, dass die iranische Luftwaffe kürzlich Angriffe in den Bergregionen bei Orumiyeh geflogen hat.

7.) Ein lesenswerter Artikel aus der aktuellen UZ:

Was das iranische Volk von den freiheitlich denkenden Menschen in seinem Kampf gegen die Brutalität des Regimes braucht, ist vor allem Solidarität, ist Protest auch im Ausland gegen das islamische Militärregime, ist Unterstützung der Protestbewegung in anderen Staaten, um einen unabhängigen, demokratischen Weg im Iran zu fördern, und nicht, um erneut eine Monarchie oder eine andere Form eines religiös fundierten Staates einzurichten. Es ist kontraproduktiv, wenn deutsch-iranische Beziehungen so aussehen wie vor 10 Jahren, als 200 iranische Geheimdienstexperten in München ausgebildet wurden.

8.) Aus dem heutigen Guardian: Khamenei’s son takes control of Iran’s anti-protest militia (Julian Borger):


The Iranian politician who spoke to the Guardian said the supreme leader had long been leaking support among the religious hierarchy on which his powerbase was once built and had now virtually lost it altogether. Among the roughly 20 maraji („sources of emulation“, from whose ranks the supreme leader is supposed to be chosen), he said Khamenei could only rely on the support of a handful.

He said that an axis of lay conservatives in important positions would also try to hinder Ahmadinejad’s efforts to wield power. That axis includes Ali Larijani, the parliamentary speaker, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, the Tehran mayor, and Mohsen Rezai, one of the defeated presidential candidates and the secretary of the expediency council, which mediates disputes between the clerical and lay state institutions. They would be supported by the opposition’s most powerful backer behind the scenes, former president Hashemi Rafsanjani, head of the expediency council and the assembly of experts.

The Iranian source also claimed there were splits in another pillar of the Islamic Republic, the Revolutionary Guard. The overall commander, General Ali Jafari, and the Tehran province commander, General Ali Fazli, were opposed to Mojtaba’s power grab.

He said the hardline statements issued in the Revolutionary Guard’s name, threatening a „decisive confrontation“ with protesters, were the work of the political and public relations departments, which are under the direct control of Ahmadinejad, and did not represent a united position. That is a controversial claim. Most analyses have presented the Revolutionary Guard as monolithic and entirely behind the regime.

For revolutionary stalwarts uneasy over the direction of the regime, open rebellion was unthinkable, the politician said. „For them, the red line is the stability of the country,“ he said. „They will continue softly.“

He said this hidden internecine struggle would last a considerable period and the outcome was far from clear. The only certainty was that the Khameneis and Ahmadinejad had not yet won. „They control things on the surface,“ he said. „But Iranians are not sheep.“

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Linke Papstversteher?

Posted by entdinglichung - 9. Juli 2009

Vielleicht wächst hier ja zusammen, was zusammengehört:

„Die Neuauflage eines Puritanismus, der sich als Vollzugshelfer längst den islamischen Mob ausgeguckt hat, manifestiert sich seit nunmehr drei Jahren im zunehmend hysterisch zelebrierten Kirchenkampf gegen den Bischof von Rom gerade dann, wenn der an die universale Vernunft oder die Humanisierung der Sexualität appelliert.“ (BaHamas)

„Benedikt hat ja nicht die politischen Absichten dieses Williamson rehabilitiert und ihm auch kein kirchliches Amt zurückgegeben. Er hat lediglich ihn und die Seinen wieder als einfache Mitglieder in der Kirche akzeptiert. Die Kirche aber ist per definitionem eine Gemeinschaft von Sündern – dort hat der Lügner und der Ehebrecher ebenso seinen Platz wie der Mörder und eben auch der Holocaust-Leugner. Würde die Kirche nur diejenigen zulassen, die Heilige sind, wäre sie keine Volkskirche mehr, sondern nur noch eine Sekte.

Sowohl die katholische Kirche wie der Islam werden in der gegenwärtigen Kampagne als archaisch, mittelalterlich und intolerant dargestellt – als tödliche Gefahr für Minderheiten (vgl. die Lesbe im Film, Juden in der Papst-Debatte).“ (Jürgen Elsässer)

„“Es ist begrüßenswert, dass sich der Papst zur globalen Finanzmarkt- und Wirtschaftskrise äußert. Es wurde Zeit, für eine klare Äußerung Benedikts über die Ursachen und mögliche Auswege aus der Krise“, so Bodo Ramelow zur heute veröffentlichten Sozialenzyklika des Papstes. Der religionspolitischer Sprecher der Fraktion DIE LINKE weiter:“ (Bodo Ramelow)


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