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Redskins – Lev Bronstein (1982)

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… ein wenig trotzkistische Musik … im Vergleich zu späteren Redskins-Aufnahmen noch ziemlich punkig …

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Iran-Update 15.07. 2009 – Marg Bar Jomhuriye Eslami!

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Weitere Artikel zum Thema auf dieser Seite unter https://entdinglichung.wordpress.com/category/iran/:

1.) Seiten mit regelmässig aktualisierter Berichterstattung: Revolutionary Road, News from the struggles in Iran (HOPI), Révolution en Iran, Rise of The Iranian People und LabourStart.

2.) Neue Updates auf Revolutionary Road und auf dem Blog der ArbeiterkommunistInnen:

„News coming from Mashhad:After Mashhadi student Mostafa Qanian who was killed in Tehran now there is another one,Hamid Madah is the second student from Mashhad who was killed.He is one of those people who did Tahason(to seat in some holly places in order to protest against something)in Mashhad Goharshad mosque and was arrested by security agents.He released after 6 days being interrogated but died after 2 days .In the recieved news indicated that he has had brain bleeding or brain stoppage because of psychological pressures in detaintion.“

„Yaqoob Barvaieh, 27, born in Ahwaz, died at hospital today. He was shot on 25 June by a basiji from the rooftop of Lowlagar Mosque in Tehran. He was an MA student in performing arts.

Taraneh Mousavi, 28, was among hundreds arrested on June 19, 2009. Since than her family has had no news of her whereabouts. There are reports now that her mother was contacted by an anonymous caller from the regime’s security after three weeks of her disappearance to say that she had been hospitalized in Imam Khomeini Hospital in Karaj due to the rupturing of her womb. Her family went to the hospital but did not find her there. They say some of the nurses recall a woman there whose womb was torn but that she was removed whilst unconscious. The caller said she had tried to hang herself in prison because of her lack of honour. According to a witness who was arrested with her, she was detained in the vicinity of Shariati Street in Tehran. ‘The security forces physically and mentally abused us. Some were transferred to Evin prison and some others were released. Her interrogation took longer than the rest; she was very beautiful with green eyes. Whilst they released us and transferred others, they kept her. She was not even allowed to contact her family. Taraneh’s father suffers from a heart condition and is seriously ill after the disappearance of his only child. The family have been warned not to mention that she was arrested in the protests. There is concern that she was raped and killed.“

3.) HOPI berichtet:

„Hopi activists have been informed that there is talk of civil disobedience in order to shut down the electricity network in Iran on Tuesday July 21. This has predominantly come from technicians and workers in the power service, but they are also calling on people to help by switching on all power to force a shutdown.“


* Protesters come to streets of Tehran, after Sohrab’s Funeral! (Revolutionary Road)
* In Mahabad protestieren die Springbrunnen (Ali Schirasi)
* Islamische Republik – Ein Pferd mit Rattenkopf (Ali Schirasi)
* IFJ Condemns Latest Clampdown on Journalists in Iran (International Federation of Journalists)
* Iran: Repressionstechnologie von Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) (unrast wild.cat)

5.) Das Statement des 2nd Latin American Gathering of Workers in Occupied Factories in Caracas:

Latin American occupied factories in solidarity with Iranian workers

This resolution was passed at the 2nd Latin American Gathering of Workers in Occupied Factories in Caracas, on June 25-27.

The 2nd Latin American Gathering of Workers in Occupied Factories wishes to express our support to the revolutionary movement of the Iranian masses against the Islamic Republic, and particularly to the movement of Iranian workers for their democratic rights and economic demands, while rejecting at the same time any imperialist interference.

The images of brutal repression against the youth and workers of Iran and the realisation that in Iran a young student or a worker can go to jail for the simple act of organising a strike, creating a trade union or demonstrating against the state or the bosses, has caused a massive outrage against the Iranian government on the part of workers and youth all over the world. Several counter-revolutionary intellectuals and the mass media at the service of imperialism, conscious of this, are attempting – with the cynicism and demagogy which characterise them – to identify Venezuela with Iran, and an honest anti-imperialist and revolutionary president like Chávez with Ahmadinejad. This Gathering rejects these allegations.

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Junge KommunistInnen an der Uni Hamburg (JUKO): Für eine Drogenfreie Uni! (1996)

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Für eine drogenfreie Uni! (pdf-Datei, 343 kb), ein weiteres Flugblatt der Hochschulgruppe Junge KommunistInnen. Hochschulgruppe der DKP Hamburg aus dem Jahre 1996 (eine Reihe weiterer Flugis von damals hier) zur damals drohenden Schliessung des Fachbereiches Theologie:


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