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Iran-Update 17.07. 2009 – Marg Bar Jomhuriye Eslami!

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. Juli 2009

Weitere Artikel zum Thema auf dieser Seite unter https://entdinglichung.wordpress.com/category/iran/:

1.) Seiten mit regelmässig aktualisierter Berichterstattung: Revolutionary Road, News from the struggles in Iran (HOPI), Révolution en Iran, Rise of The Iranian People und LabourStart.

2.) Zur Predigt von Rafsanjani anlässlich des Freitagsgebets und den heutigen Ereignissen gibt es ein laufend aktualisiertes Update auf Revolutionary Road, die (hier in englischer Sprache zusammengefasste) Ansprache Rafsanjanis (der immerhin zur Freilassung der Gefangenen aufgerufen hat) wird die Spaltung unter den Eliten eher noch verbreitern, offenbar sind während bzw. nach der Predigt an verschiedenen Stellen in Tehran Riots ausgebrochen (Nachtrag: offenbar auch in Mashad und Tabriz), laut einem Bericht der Worker-communist Party of Iran finden auch in Shiraz, Yazd und Esfahan zur Zeit Demonstrationen statt. Eine erste Interpretation der Predigt Rafsanjanis findet mensch auf Revolution in Iran

Auf der gleichen Seite findet mensch auch Updates zu den Ereignissen von gestern und vorgestern:

„Families of more than 30 political prisoners rallied in front of the Islamic Courts in Tehran, asking for the immediate release of their loved ones. The Mourning Mothers group has asked on the people of Iran to join them in their upcoming rally which is to be held next week. On Thursday, prayer sessions will be held across Iran for the safe return of detained protesters across Iran.“

3.) Eastkurd zur Repression in kurdischsprachigen Gebieten:

* Sufi hanged in Orumieh
* Wild Iranian regime forces killed 4 young Kurdish
* Six young Kurdish residents were arrested in Oshnavieh

4.) Zur Situation in Chuzistan berichtet die British Ahwazi Friendship Society:

„A number of Ahwazi Arab organisations have reported on recent clashes between the ethnic Arab population and the Iranian authorities.

Jaffar Abdulzahra Khantaf, a resident of Borwayeh village and a lecturer at Chamran University in Ahwaz City, was shot dead in Tehran while taking part in opposition protests there, according to the Democratic Solidarity Party of Al-Ahwaz, a pro-federalist group allied with the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan. He was studying for his doctorate in Tehran. Jaffar was shot in the head by the Bassij in the Tehran Metro and later died in hospital. His family was forced to bury him privately and without mourning, under the direction of the security forces.

Meanwhile, two members of the Revolutionary Guards were shot dead by Arab militants on 4 July, according to the separatist Ahwazi Arab People’s Democratic Popular Front. The first was killed in Ariashar district close to Padadshahr district and second in Yousefi district close to Abadan junction. The same group quotes a report from the ‚Ahwazi Voice Agency‘ that claimed three armed Arab militants clashed with security forces in Ma’shor (Mahshahr) on June 22, leading to the death of a 26-year-old Arab militant from Falahiya and two members of the Revolutionary Guards.

On July 5, dozens of Ahwazi Arabs were arbitrarily arrested by the Revolutionary Guards in the Arbaa-Asood area (Charshir and Korush areas), according to the separatist National Liberation Movement of Ahwaz (NLMA). The security forces had attempted to raid the restive Arab districts of Hay Al-Thawra and Malashiya, which have been the focus of Ahwazi Arab resistance in recent years, were forced back by Arab ‚resistance‘, although no casualties were reported.“

5.) Iran Women Solidarity dokumentiert ein Interview mit einer Aktivistin aus der Frauenbewegung zu den alltäglichen organisatorischen Problemen:

„It is a kind of (impossible) wish in Iran, because you cannot even count on tomorrow’s situation. But I think despite this, we should have a plan about what we want to do in different times and stick to it as much as we can, even if only 20% of the time. We usually collect money for special events or publishing, for example: about 2 months ago my friends wanted to publish a collection of articles about ’polygamy in Iran’. They estimated the expenditure and made sure that they could publish it (we usually cannot receive permission for publishing from the government so you have to do it in a semi-illegal way and with higher costs!). Then they came to a meeting and asked for help. One says „I can pay for 20“. The other „I can pay for 50“ and so they understand that they can, for example, publish 1000. By a „detailed plan“ I mean that we should collect the money for „publications“ at the beginning of the year and then disburse it little by little. Even if we could not publish anything in that specific year, we could spend the money in a different way. It is hard in Iran but I think we should start something like it.“

6.) Mehr zum Wahlbetrug auf dem Blog von Hopi

7.) Einige weitere Nachrichten zur derzeitigen Hinrichtungs-/Mordwelle:

* Three people were hanged in Isfahan, yesterday July 14 (Iran Human Rights)
* Execution of a Prisoner in Naqadeh (Human Rights Activists in Iran)

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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen Linken

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. Juli 2009

ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter „Sozialistika„:

The Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Anarchist Workers Alliance: Anarchist Worker, Oktober/November 1979

Projekt Gutenberg:

* Carl von Ossietzky: Sämtliche Schriften – Band II (1922-1924)

Big Flame 1970-1984:

* The Crisis in Education (1977, pdf-Datei)
**The Crisis in Education: front-p12
** The Crisis in Education: p13-back
* Notes on Being a Red Teacher (1980, pdf-Datei)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Artikel aus dem Socialist Appeal, Juni 1936
** From Our Viewpoint
** Albert Glotzer: The French Elections – To Socialism or Fascism?
** Hal Draper: The Case Against Sanctions and “Neutrality Legislation” [Part II]
** Rudolph C. Olson: Convention of Socialist Party of Illinois
** Proposal for a Socialist Party Election Platform for 1936
* Artikel aus der New International, Mai 1941
** The Editor’s Comments,
** Joseph Arnold: Counter-Revolution in Mexico
** M. Wilson: Anarchism in Spain
** Hal Draper: Hook Purges Marxism
** Joseph Carter: Stalinism and the War
** T.N. Vance: Features of U.S. Imperialism
** Albert Glotzer: German Society and Capitalism – II
** Dwight Macdonald: Fascism – A New Social Order
* Ernest Mandel: Actualidade da Teoria Leninista da Organização à Luz da Experiência Histórica (1975)
* Ernest Mandel: Uitgelezen moorden. Een sociale geschiedenis van het misdaadverhaal (1987)
* Rob Lubbersen: De Vierde Internationale tot 1950 (1983)
* Louis de Brouckère: Hoe arbeiderscontrole invoeren (1924)
* Louis de Brouckère: Het Socialisme – Praktijk en theorie (193?)
* Léon Delsinne: De Belgische Werkliedenpartij van haar oorsprong tot 1894 (1952)
* Pierre Broué: Trotskisterna i Sovjetunionen (1929-1938) (1980)
* H.M. Hyndman: Irish Needs and Irish Remedies (1880)
* H.M. Hyndman: The Radicals and Socialism (1885)
* H.M. Hyndman: The English Workers as they Are (1885)
* H.M. Hyndman: Social-Democracy and Peace (1915)
* H.M. Hyndman: The Armed Nation (1915)
* H.M. Hyndman: The Awakening of Asia (1916)
* Georges Etiévant: Declaration Before the Assize Court (1897)
* Leo Trotzki: Carta a James P. Cannon (1940)
* Leo Trotzki: Carta a William F. Warde (1940)


Mehr zu den Septemberstreiks 1969

* Eberhard Schmidt: Die Chronologie der Streiks. Der erste Tag: 2. September 1969 (1971)
* Gerhard Armanski, Boris Penth, Jörg Pohlmann: Die spontanen Streiks 1969 (1975, Auszug aus Staatsdiener im Klassenkampf)
* IG Chemie: Die hauptsächlichen Streikarten
* Urs Jaeggi:
Reform oder Revolution (1973, Auszug aus Kapital und Arbeit in der Bundesrepublik)


* Interventions by the KAPD at the 3rd Congress of the Communist International (1921)
* Eric Hobsbawm: Socialism and the Avant-Garde, 1880-1914 (1980)
* Eric Hobsbawm: Birth of a Holiday: The First of May (1994)
* Letter of América Scarfó to Emile Armand (1928)
* International Bolshevik Tendancy: Criticism of internationalist anti-war statement (2003)
* Red and Black Notes: Red and Black Notes reply to the International Bolshevik Tendancy (2003)
* Internationalist Perspectives: The Gulf War of 2003 (2003)
* Internationalist Perspectives: Don’t talk about the danger of war – unless you are prepared to speak about capitalism! (2003)
* Red and Black Notes: What’s Going On – Iraq: Two Years after the ‚End‘ of the War (2005)
* International Bureau for a Revolutionary Party (IBRP): Iraq: Oil, Blood and Class (2003)
* From Bloody Sunday to Trafalgar Square (1991)
* A brief history of the Red Menace (1990)
* The Red Menace: Demolish Fortress Britain (1989)

La Presse Anarchiste:

* L’en-dehors n°196/197, 15. Dezember 1930
* weitere Texte aus Iztok n°18/19, Le déclin dela dynastie Deng, Juni 1990

Collectif Smolny:
* Friedrich Engels: Englische Ansicht über die innern Krisen (1842)
* Friedrich Engels: Stellung der politischen Parteien (1842)
* Friedrich Engels: Die innern Krisen (1842)

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* Ejército Guerrillero de los Pobres (EGP): Juramento de los combatientes y oficiales de las Fuerzas Armadas del EGP (1983)
* Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria (MIR): Culminar dos años de solidaridad con Chile a través del aislamiento total de la Junta (1975)
* Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN): El Ejército de Liberación Nacional y el Derecho Humanitario (1995)
* Partido Comunista do Brasil (PCdoB): Acerca da luta antiimperialista (1973)

Workers‘ Liberty:

* Sean Matgamnna: Chris Bambery’s „Ireland’s Permanent Revolution“ (1987)

Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF)

* Pierre Rousset: Lean Alejandro – Disparition d’un militant (1987)
* Pierre Rousset: L’armée philippine défie ouvertement les institutions démocratiques (1987)
* Pierre Rousset: La gauche militante face au projet de Mme Aquino (1987)
* Labour Party Pakistan (LPP): Origin of Labour Party Pakistan (2000)


* Porichoy Patrika, 1/1960, 2-3/1960 und 12/1960

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Revolución Sandinista: La Ofensiva Final – 30. Jahrestag des Abganges von Somoza

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. Juli 2009

Zum 30. Jahrestag der sandinistischen Revolution in Nicaragua ein Dokumentarfilm … ein Land, welches heute von einer Partei regiert wird, welche nur noch dem Namen nach sandinistisch ist … Dokumente des historischen revolutionären Sandinismus (u.a. auch der Tendencia Proletaria der FSLN) kann mensch hier finden

Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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