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Ghana: Forderungen der Frauen in der HolzarbeiterInnengewerkschaft

Posted by entdinglichung - 26. August 2009

Quelle: Building and Wood Workers‘ International (BWI)


Women of the Timber and Wood in Ghana demand more than 30% representation on unions structures

Under the BWI/ FN Global wood and Forestry project 2009 activities, the Timber and Woodworkers’ Union of Ghana (TWU) has organized a two day workshop on national Gender Policy restructuring from 12 to 14 August at NTIAMOAH HOTEL in AKIM ODA.
The workshop was attended by 20 women and has been opened by the General Secretary of TWU Joshua Ansah at the presence of the union national Chairman Alex Bonney and the 2nd Vice Chairperson Georgina Smedley and Head of Women Desk of Ghana TUC.
Participants in their small groups looked at the existing gender policy, women and trade unions, challenges and problems inhibiting their active participation level in trade union and adopted strategies on how to overcome the problems and also what tools can be used to organize the unorganized into the union.
The objective was also to address the needs and priorities of women workers in the timber, wood and forestry sectors and seek to integrate them in existing trade union structures.
Some of the problems identified were,
• low level of education of women,
• most of the women are employed in temporary or casual work,
• Women are paid less than men for the same job,
• Women are difficult to reach and to organize,
• Some are often exploited and harassed,
• Others do not have time to join unions because of conflicting family responsibilities…
At the end of the workshop participants came up with the following resolutions as the way forward.
There should be between 30 to 35 % representation of women in all educational and other activities organized by the union.
The union must recruit women members and give them a voice in decision-making Formation of women committees
Promotion of gender equality and address the problems of vulnerable women workers
Campaign for the ratification of ILO convention 183 on maternity protection
Participate actively in international women activities like 8 march
Focus on health and safety training
Increase awareness on HIV-AIDS.
Skilled training and capacity building for women.


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