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Für das Leben und die Freiheit von Thodoris Iliopoulos!

Posted by entdinglichung - 27. August 2009

Ein Statement der OKDE-Spartakos, der griechischen Sektion der IV. Internationalen:

Greek political prisoner nears death on hunger strike

Solidarity with Thodoris Iliopoulos!


Thirty-one year old Thodoris Iliopoulos is the last prisoner of the December 2008 Greek revolt. He has been in pre-trial detention for more than eight months after his arrest on December 18th in downtown Athens.

Thodoris has been charged with felonies on the sole basis of witness accounts of the two riot police who arrested him; this is the only ’evidence’. He went on hunger strike on July 10 demanding his immediate release, after the renewal of his detention for another six months.

Today (August 26), he is in the 48th day of hunger strike and irreversible damage or even death are immediate dangers according to his doctors.

The pre-trial detention of Thodoris Iliopoulos is a punishment, an imprisonment without trial. It is an attempt of the Greek government under Karamanlis, already politically responsible for the murder of the 15 years old Alexis Grigoropoulos by a policeman on December 6th, 2008, to bring Iliopoulos to his physical and psychological limits and finding in him a target for its revanchist rage against the December revolt.

It is also an attempt to present the social struggles as criminal behavior and to construct an ever mightier police state as part of their solution to the current capitalist crisis.

In this case of unjustifiable, arbitrary and revanchist detention even after 48 days of hunger strike, it is where our solidarity is needed the most.

– We demand the immediate release of Thodoris Iliopoulos

– We demand the withdrawal of all charges against him

– We demand the withdrawal of all charges against the participants in the December revolt

– We call for actions of solidarity with Thodoris Iliopoulos in Greece and internationally.

OKDE-Spartakos, Greek section of the Fourth International http://www.okde.org

Nachtrag: Einer Meldung von Indymedia Athen zufolge wurde Thodoris soeben unter Auflagen auf freien Fuss gesetzt:

„Theodoros Iliopoulos is free after 49 days of hunger strike. He was arrested in December and detained with fabricated molotov-throwing charges. His innocence was defended by witnesses, but the only witness reports considered by the “justice” authorities were those of two police officers. He went on hunger strike on 10 July and for more than a month the authorities refused to provide him with proper medical support at a public hospital and instead kept him in the under-funded and under-equipped prison’s medical room. He was hospitalized into Sotiria Hospital only a few days ago.

Anarchist comrades in Greece and abroad quickly mobilized in solidarity, and later leftist and communist political parties also made announcements in his support. The voices demanding his release were becoming more and more, and as his case was being picked up by progressive media the government couldn’t ignore the protests anymore and set him free at last.

Free, but with a few conditions: he isn’t allowed to disembark from the country and every bi-weekly period he should report to the local police station. He was set free without the need for bail payment.

Comrades in Greece had planned a solidarity march, which will go on as planned.

It should be made clear that Theodoros Iliopoulos won thanks to his determination and to the Greek and international solidarity movement in his support.“

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