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Interview mit Gina Wilson (Organisation Intersex International (OII))

Posted by entdinglichung - 21. November 2009

Quelle: Green Left Weekly:

Interview: The fight for intersex rights

Earlier this year, South African track athlete Caster Semenya was vilified in the international media for allegedly having both male and female biological characteristics. People with such characteristics are known as “intersex”. Green Left Weekly’s Farida Iqbal spoke to Gina Wilson from the Organisation Intersex International (OII) about Semenya and intersex politics.

How has the OII responded to the vilification of Caster Semenya?

OII Australia has attempted to respond with educational information every time we become aware of an article that is factually incorrect. We have attempted to raise awareness of appropriate language when referring to intersex individuals.

OII Australia is contemplating legal action against the Sydney Daily Telegraph for revealing personal medical information about Semenya. We are taking advice on our ability to act for her.

We are aware Semenya has been suicidal and is chronically depressed as a result of this exposure of her supposed differences.

What are the issues with intersex marriage rights in Australia?

Intersex challenges the notion of what is a man and what is a woman. The marriage act defines marriage as a relationship “between a man and a woman”. We say the act should therefore define “man” and “woman”, and we also maintain that this is impossible to say with any precision.

OII Australia’s position is that the current marriage act excludes intersex individuals from marriage, and that any intersex person who is currently married is only able to be so because of a pretence that they are wholly man or woman.

We believe that if same-sex marriages are allowed, we will be no better off because even that relies on a male/female gender binary.

OII Australia works for the right of all to marry, irrespective of difference — sex or otherwise.

Some intersex babies are surgically altered to make their bodies conform to one sex or another. What is the situation with in Australia?

OII Australia believes genital surgery should only happen with the informed consent of the person, or in life-threatening situations. We do not refer to intersex genital surgery as mutilation.

Many intersex people choose to have such surgery. But many would have preferred not to, and most would have taken very different approaches to those forced on them by doctors and parents.

Surgeons claim that techniques are constantly improving. This underlines the lie that the surgery has ever been what it claimed. If surgery is constantly improving, then it must always be at least problematic and in need of improvement and more likely inadequate.

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