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Irak: GFIW-Vorstandsmitglied Majiid Karim ermordet

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Iraqi trade union leader murdered

The following is a statement from the Executive Committee of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers.

The Executive Committee of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers mourns the murder of Majiid Karim an executive member of the GFIW

As a continuation of human and trade union right violations in Iraq, terrorists have committed another heinous crime on Thursday, 26 / 11 / 2009. Brother Majid Karim, member of the Executive Committee and the head of the internal relations died when his car exploded. The enemies of democracy have attached improvised explosives to his car that led to his death.

The deceased had worked actively to organize, in the public sector, despite the anti union legislation 150 of 1987, issued by the former regime of Saddam Hussein that banned workers from joining unions in the public sector. Our late colleague had contributed actively seeking to unit the trade union movement in Iraq.
The GFIW demands that the Iraqi government and its security authorities conduct an urgent investigation to uncover the circumstances of this criminal incident and bring criminals to justice in order to receive punishment.

Glory and eternity for the martyrs of the Iraqi working class.

Executive Committee
the General Federation of Iraqi Workers
27 / November / 2009

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Open thread:

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