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Zwei weitere Morde an Gewerkschaftern in Guatemala

Posted by entdinglichung - 10. Dezember 2009

Quelle: Internationaler Gewerkschaftsbund

Guatemala: Two MSICG Members Assassinated

Brussels, 9 December 2009: There is no let-up in the extreme violence facing trade unionists in Guatemala. The ITUC has once again strongly condemned the murders in October and November of two members of the Guatemalan labour, indigenous and campesino movement, MSICG.

On 6 October, a fresh attempt was made at dislodging the members of the Sindicato de trabajadores del comercio de Coatepeque, affiliated to the Guatemalan general workers’ centre CGTC and the MSICG, from their workplaces. A large contingency of State security officers used brutal force, as on other occasions, to evict the members of the trade union, who have also received death threats.

Miguel Chacaj Jax, a founding member of the union, died on 13 October at the hands of state security forces. Pedro Ramirez De La Cruz, director of the organisation for the defence of indigenous people of Las Verapaces and a member of the MSICG, was assassinated on 29 November. He had received numerous death threats on account of his work defending land rights and promoting agrarian reform and rural development.

In a letter to the Guatemalan authorities, the ITUC called on President Álvaro Colom and his government to take every step necessary to put an immediate end to the terrible violence against trade unionists in Guatemala.

„Every action must be taken to end these intolerable acts,“ said Guy Ryder, general secretary of the ITUC.

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Erklärung von einer Gruppe von Iran Khodro-ArbeiterInnen zur Repression

Posted by entdinglichung - 10. Dezember 2009

Quelle: Hands of the People of Iran (HOPI), … Révolution en Iran berichtet von mindestens 204 Festnahmen im Laufe der StudentInnenproteste am 7. Dezember/16. Azar in Tehran (eine Einschätzung der Proteste findet sich u.a. bei Ali Schirasi):

A Statement by Iran Khodro Car Workers

December 6 2009

Fellow workers and friends,

During the last few days tens of workers, students and grieving mothers [a reference to mothers of young people killed following protest gatherings on December 4] have been arrested and sent to jail. Many of our colleagues and fellow workers are in prison. Tens of students, who are our children and our allies, are incarcerated. Mothers have been held. The government is closing its eyes to reality and arresting anyone they want. The country is under the grip of security forces and people do not even have the right to gather in a public park.

– In which country is it illegal to demand payment of unpaid wages?

– In which country is it forbidden to go to a park or to climb mountains? [The regime has banned students from climbing in case they organise political meetings under the guise of mountain climbing]

– What is the crime of our grieving mothers?

– In which country is it illegal to form workers’ organisations?

Fellow workers, how dare they be so shameless? We must protest! The situation created by the government is unbearable. Freedom is a basic right of all human beings

Long live freedom!

Group of Iran Khodro Workers

Translated and distributed by Hands Off the People of Iran

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