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Aufruf von KOMALA TV für die von der Ermordung bedrohten politischen Gefangenen im Iran

Posted by entdinglichung - 29. Januar 2010

Quelle: Webseite des Auslandskomitees der KP Iran:

Urgent Action: Support for the Iranian Political Prisoners on Execution Row

The shadow of death is once again haunting a number of political prisoners in the Western province of Kurdistan, Iran. After the unjust execution of two political activists “Ehsan Fataheyan” and “Fasih Yasamani” by the Islamic regime in Iran, 21 more political prisoners are now living in jail under the threat of capital punishment in this province. Issuing death sentences for the political prisoners during unjust trials by the Islamic regime is part of a wide pressure that the regime is practicing on people in order to terrify them. The ruling criminals in the regime have been stepping up their criminal acts against a number of political prisoners in Tehran and some other Iranian cities. The Islamic regime is determined to eliminate all the political dissidents and if people do not react and fight back, it will carry out its crimes on a wider scale both in Kurdistan and other parts of Iran.

The threat of death penalty for imprisoned political activists and at the same time using a mild tone against the ousted opponents from the government are all part of one policy which the regime has taken at the threshold of the anniversary of the 1979 revolution and for fear of possible protests by the angry people on the anniversary day. On one side the regime is using more violence against the political prisoners and has been issuing a number of death sentences with the aim of frightening people. On the other side it is addressing its reformist opponents who once shared the power with them as old friends who have exaggerated a bit in their rebellion. But the issued death penalties against the political prisoners must be taken as a serious threat since the regime has committed this sort of heinous crimes earlier.

The number of political prisoners sentenced to death in the province of Kurdistan has been constantly increasing . Following are the names of those prisoners detained in Orumiye, Kermanshah, Sanandaj, Saqez and Evin prisons and who are living under the threat of execution:
“Zainab Jalalyan” from Maku in Kermanshah prison, “ Shirkuh Ma’arefi” and “Aziz Mohammadzade” from Bane in Saqez prison, “ Habib Latifi” from Sanandaj in Sanandaj prison, “Sami Huseini” and “Jamal Mohammadi” from Salmaz in Orumiye prison, “Mohammad Amin Abdullahi” and “Qader Mohammadzade” from Mirabad, Bukan in Orumiye prison, “Ali Haydarian” and “Farhad Vakili” from Sanadaj in Evin prison, “Mostafa Salimi” from Saqez in Saqez prison, “Anwar Rostami” and “Iraj Mohammadi” from Mayanduab in Orumiye prison, “ Mohammad Aminagoshi” and “Ahmad Puladkhani” from Piranshahr in Orumiye prison, “Hassan Tala’i” from Maku in Orumiye prison, “Shirin Alam Hu’i” from Maku in Evin prison, “Hussein Khezri” from Orumiye in Orumiye prison, “Rostam Arkia”, “Rashid Akhkani” and “Farzad Kamangar”.

Some of these prisoners have been already transferred to separate wards and the Islamic regime can execute the death penalties against them at anytime soon. Amnesty International on Friday January 22nd 2010 announced in an statement that the transfer of the prisoners with death penalty to separate wards in Iran means that the prisoner will be executed in few days. Amnesty International has asked in its statement all the human rights defenders around the globe to support these political prisoners in anyway possible.

The Islamic regime not only has ignored all the demands by the Iranian masses for the unconditional release of all political prisoners, but has decided to execute a number of political prisoners for vain reasons in order to terrify people.

Constant defense of these prisoners whose only crime is protesting the current regime in Iran is an urgent mission that needs to be done by the freedom-seeking and fighting people in Iran and around the world. The regime should know that any violation of the rights of these prisoners will cost it high. The regime should not be allowed to take the lives of these prisoners in secret just like it did with two young prisoners “Ehsan Fataheyan” and “Fasih Yasmani” and save itself from any consequences. The freedom-seeking and dissident people in Kurdistan as well as all over Iran will not forget the blood of the young people shed till now.

The execution of these two prisoners was followed by a huge wave of anger and hate among people in Kurdistan against the regime, but in order to stop the regime from continuing the executions, something more than anger and hate is required. If the people in Kurdistan didn’t have to ask for their ragged votes for “Mousavi” and “Karoubi” for the natural reason that they had not voted in the first place, but they will certainly and seriously stand in defense of all the young prisoners that are captivated by the criminal torturers and assassins in the regime.

Komala, the Kurdistan Organization of the Communist Party of Iran calls on all people in Kurdistan to stand up in defense of all the prisoners condemned to death wholeheartedly and relentlessly. These political prisoners are the descendents of those people who have been resisting and fighting the dictatorial regime, all its atrocities and its violation of people’s most basic rights in Iran for more than three decades and have never given in. The Islamic regime must understand that with its criminal acts it will not terrify the people in Kurdistan, on the contrary, it will set their anger more ablaze.

KOMALA TV, January 24th 2010

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