… alle Verhältnisse umzuwerfen, in denen der Mensch ein erniedrigtes, ein geknechtetes, ein verlassenes, ein verächtliches Wesen ist … (Marx)


Posted by entdinglichung - 25. Februar 2010

1.) Regentied zu einer Provinzposse um die Bewerbung/Verlinkung des Theaters der Horst Mahler-Anhängerin und Holocaustleugnerin Imke Barn­stedt auf einer städtischen Webseite in Oldenburg

2.) Reflexion nimmt Verschwörungstheorien von Ahmadinejad-VersteherInnen auseinander:

„Dem an­ony­men Ex­per­ten der Grup­pe „Ar­bei­ter­fo­to­gra­fie“, der die ein­zi­ge Per­son auf der Welt ist, die an­hand eines ver­wa­ckel­ten Han­dy­vi­de­os Fer­nob­duk­tio­nen durch­füh­ren kann, sei ge­ra­ten, doch sein Ta­lent wei­ter­hin für die Ver­schwö­rungs­theo­re­ti­ker_in­nen der „Ar­bei­ter­fo­to­gra­fie“ zur Ver­fü­gung zu stel­len: So las­sen sich si­cher­lich neue Er­kennt­nis­se über den Tod Micha­el Jack­sons, dem At­ten­tat auf John F. Ken­ne­dy oder der Mond­lan­dung ge­win­nen.“

3.) Ein weiterer Artikel auf Talk to Action zum Geschichtsrevisionismus der Religious Right in den USA:

„Author Lutzer finds parallels with Nazi Germany in all the wrong places. One example is the fact that the state can license a marriage without the certification of the church. Hitler’s Germany is compared to modern Hate Crimes legislation in which the minister believes these new laws will allow the state to control free speech in the pulpit. An economic example is found in the graduated income tax. Erwin sees this as stealing from the rich to give to the poor.
Lutzer finds similar ideology in the British health care system with German concentration camps. Lutzer claims that in Britain senior adults are denied adequate health care. This is compared to the proposed new system in America. One assistant state attorney warned the pastor that in the near future pastors can lose the tax exempt status in the church if the church refused to preform gay marriages. Believe it or not, the famous preacher claims Muslims and homosexuals have joined together on hate crimes bills to further attack Christians.“

4.) Zwei interessante Artikel im Solidarity Webzine: Mexico’s Forgotten Black History und Tea Party Convention Divides the Right, aus letzterem ein Auszug:

„It is difficult to predict how the various currents comprising the Tea Party movement will ultimately develop, but there are some worrying indicators. The Tea Party phenomenon has provided many opportunities for more explicitly racist and fascist far-right groups. Such organizations are offering a coherent ideology through which disgruntled working class whites can filter their raw frustration. This strategy is successfully swelling the ranks of many neo-Nazi organizations and helps explain the rise in hate crimes since Obama’s election.

The GOP will likely succeed in mobilizing mainstream tea partiers for the 2010 election. This is the stated aim of the next Tea Party conference planned for July. As the election approaches, pressure from tea party activists will likely push the Republicans even further to the right.

As many have noted, the Tea Party is partly a distorted expression of white working class frustration with decades of stagnating living standards and diminished economic opportunities. Also, as the many infamous displays at tea party rallies have shown, this largely white backlash is deeply racialized. Having a sitting black president has exacerbated this, but it is more deeply rooted in the broader demographic shifts in the U.S. As whites shrink as a proportion of the population, we may see a parallel strengthening of right-wing radicalism. As the economic crisis continues and working people grow increasingly cynical towards the two parties, those of us on the Left need to be seriously thinking of ways to confront the far-right.“

5.) Nettes Transpi, gefunden auf http://no2010.com/

6.) Furchtbare Musik, gefunden dank Splintered Sunrise:

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