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Pakistan: „Langer Marsch“ der Anjuman Muzareen Punjab (AMP) für Landrechte

Posted by entdinglichung - 25. März 2010

Quelle: Europe solidaire sans frontières (ESSF):

Pakistan : AMP’s “Long March” for land ownership rights !

On Tuesday March 10, 2010 Anjuman-i- Muzareen, Punjab (AMP) (a movement of landless peasants) started a long march from Perowal Khanewal District with their family members including women and children. Their target was to sit for protest in front of the Punjab Parliament House demanding their land ownership rights. They were carrying clubs, banners, and red-flags. Some of them were riding tractor trolleys..

Tenants from 10 districts as Okara, Sahiwal, Multan, Sargodha, Rahim yar Kkan and others districts of the Punjab, relating all the fields of life, especially small and poor farmers, lawyers and students, NGO’s as South Asia Partnerships, Pakistan, SHIRKAT GAH, ASAR, and the Civil Societies participated. Amina Butter (Member of provincial Assembly, Sindh) from PPP also joined to show solidarity

The marchers were raising slogans against Punjab and the Federal Government for not fulfilling their promises to giving them ownership rights for which they have been cultivating for the last 100 years. A great numbers of leaders and activists from Okara Distt were sitting at the G.T. Road to say welcome and joined the rally.

Khanewal Distt. Administration did not allow the marchers to proceed as the Punjab government instructed but the procession of thousands approached further crossed the hurdles which the police had done by containers and other hurdles. Prominent leaders from AMP were Younas Iqbal, Dr. Christopher John, David Rehmat, Mian Muhammad Fiaz Kambo, Liaquat Ali Gill, Muhammad Imran, Mahar Saeed Ahmed, Amjad Jet, Ms Munawar Bibi, Ulfat Dildar, Muhammad Saleem, Ghani Javed, Mahar Muhammad Iqbal Ruta, Muhammad Ashfaq Jet, and James Masih.

Hundred of marchers had succeeded to arrive at the Faisal Chowk in front of the Punjab Parliament House. Most of them were women. They were raising their voice for the land ownership rights for the whole day including Ishaq Nadeem, Humair Afzal Gill, Nicolas John, Peter Murad, Ms Shagufta Elizabeth, Irfan Haroon, Umaar Afzal Gill, Ms Rubina, Ms Alice Bibi etc.

Chief Minister’s team, Chairperson of the committee and Senior Advisor Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa and Chief Minister’s Adviser Raja Ashfaq Sarwar invited the AMP leaders As David Rehmat, Nadeem Abbas, Ms Aqila Naz, Ch. Jabbar, Irfan Mufti (SAP), Mahar Ghulam Abbas and Talib Numberdar in the Chief Minister’s Secretariat for negotiation and withdraw the long march. AMP leaders agreed when the committee promised to fulfill their promises. The Chairman of the CM.’s committee gave instructions to Revenue Board to arrange the record of the land related districts with in ten days.

They also warned the government that if they will not fulfill their promises then they will again call for the Long March. The peasants also need international solidarity from UNO, Amnesty International, EU, Civil Society Organizations, Peasants and Social Movements, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and Left Parties.

Printed and Electronic media gave full coverage to this historical Long March Daily Dawn, Daily Times, The Nation, The News, Nawayi Waqt, Daily Jang, Daly Express, Kharbrain, Daily Jinnah, Many television channels showed this historical long march as : GEO, The EXPRESS NEWS, CNBC, ARY, AJ and DUNIA etc.

Kindest regards,

David Rehmat, General Secretary (AMP)

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