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Repression in Mahabad und Orumiyeh

Posted by entdinglichung - 4. April 2010

Nachfolgend dokumentiert zwei Meldungen von RAHANA (1 und 2), der Videobericht zu dem zweiten Artikel fand sich auf Révolution en Iran

Kurdish Man Killed in Mahabad Clashes

On Friday, April 2, a Kurdish man was killed after being shot by security forces.

RAHANA – Jalal Amini was killed after he was shot by security forces in the Posht-Tab district of Mahabad.
According to eyewitnesses, Amini who was armed wounded 3 security forces officers before they killed him. After the incident, intelligence forces took control of some parts of the city and put the residents under surveillance.
According to Rawa News, there were also clashes between the residents and the security forces in the Biloo region near Mahabad. The clashes happened while a large number of people were picnicking in Biloo and other popular picnic spots on the April 2nd (13 Bedar) holiday.

Scores Arrested During Environmental Rally at Lake Orumiyeh

A gathering called by environmental activists at Lake Orumiyeh ended in clashes after the crowd was attacked by security and intelligence forces.

RAHANA – Dozens were arrested during a gathering called by the supporters of the Tractor-Sazi soccer team to protect Lake Orumiyeh, which is at risk of completely drying because of the authorities’ neglect.
The crowd picnicked at the lake and nearby villages. In a symbolic gesture, the crowd emptied bottles of water into the lake, demanding that the government take action to stop the gradual drying of the lake.

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Musik zum (Oster)-Sonntag … Destruction

Posted by entdinglichung - 4. April 2010

The Damned

Reject Emotions

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