… alle Verhältnisse umzuwerfen, in denen der Mensch ein erniedrigtes, ein geknechtetes, ein verlassenes, ein verächtliches Wesen ist … (Marx)

Weekly Worker Nr. 814

Posted by entdinglichung - 22. April 2010

Hier nur kurz der Hinweis auf zwei Artikel im aktuellen Weekly Worker zu einigen Lieblingsthemen:

* Lionel Sims: World-historic defeat of women:

„Seven, lunar standstills become secret, male cult knowledge, in which there is another version of the moon, now spread over the course of one year, and lunar phases coincide with solstice suns. Not only that, but the lunar phases go in reverse order to the way in which the lunar phases go in the sky. I have labelled this ‘asymmetric gender of power’, denoting the way in which elite males monopolise ritual in the late Neolithic.

The monuments are lying machines. They lie to outsiders and insiders about how the moon really works. They are fabrications, claiming the moon was appropriated through the male solstice rhythm, and not according to a naturalistic lunar rhythm that would coincide with the cycles within which we were born as a revolutionary species.“

* James Turley: It was right to put safety above profits:

„The Eyjafjallajökull volcano should remind humans that they are at the mercy of nature. We are part of and dependent upon nature. This eruption, which has not caused any disastrous lava flows or even much disruption within Iceland itself, is by no means a social catastrophe. However, should we reach a climate warming tipping point, by contrast, entire ecosystems will be upended; instead of dealing with stranded air passengers, we will face the possibility of the extinction of the human species itself.

If capitalism is unable to get people around without clogging the air with planes, then it is liable to come up short when faced with the apocalypse. We need not be at the mercy of nature, though it is always ready to throw us a curveball. Under class society, however, we truly are, and coming to a more healthy relationship with the world around us depends on our ability to supersede capitalism.“

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