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Aufruf der Kommunistischen Partei Iran zum 1. Mai 2010

Posted by entdinglichung - 28. April 2010

Quelle: Webseite des Auslandskomitee der KP Iran (als pdf-Datei hier), weitere Maidemo-Aufrufe aus aller Welt hier

Declaration by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran on the Occasion of May 1st, International Worker’s Day

The First of May the international solidarity day of the working class is closing in. We congratulate all the workers around the world on this occasion and cherish the glorious class solidarity manifested on this day. The First of May is an opportunity for the workers to loudly announce to the world that the final emancipation of humanity from poverty, backwardness, war, insecurity, discrimination and lack of rights is only feasible by the strong hands of a class that has created the accumulated wealth in the world and has brought about welfare and happiness for the humanity through its work and by its creative force. A force that is capable of not only meeting the current needs of human beings but also create new needs and meet these needs with an amazing power.

Today the creative power of human beings and the working force is taken hostage by a system which due to its internal systematic contradictions casts the human society from one crisis into another more acute crisis and every time in order to survive the crisis, it exposes the achievements of the creative and aware humane to the danger of ruin and destruction. The First of May is a call by all the humans with a common pain who promise the emancipation from this rotten system and who can make the transit from the current panic and worry to a tomorrow of hope and relief.

The deep and widespread economic crisis during the last two years which afflicted the developed capitalist societies gradually showed its destructive effects in the form of large lay-offs and increasing pressure on the daily lives of the working class around the world and still there is no sign of it recovering. In the face of this, workers have not been silent and keep protesting and struggling against the violations by their governments in the strongest way ever during the recent era of the existing system and it is the continuation of these protests that keep the hopes for the emancipation from this system alive.

In Iran the officials in the Islamic regime tried to deny the effects of the crisis on the country’s economy but the reality was so ardent and the consequences of the crisis so destructive that they could not be hidden from any one. During the recent months in Iran the scale of lay-offs has been unprecedentedly high. Factories are closed one after the other and thousands of working families are living under the threat of being laid off at any time. The consequences and hardships due to unemployment along with other social deprivations have deteriorated the lives of the working families more than ever.

The capitalists use this opportunity to impose harder work conditions on the employed workers. They convert permanent job contracts into temporary contracts, hire workers for salaries under the line of poverty, do not pay the salaries on time and continuously violate the fixed agreements. In this situation the regime’s labor law leaves the capitalists free in attacking the workers’ lives and living standards. The Iranian workers are still not granted the right to self organization, the right to strike and the right to holding independent labor assemblies. A number of labor activists are still in prison because of defending their fellow workers and protesting the existing inhumane situation. In the shade of this situation on the eve of the International Workers Day we have to once more list the priorities.

It is obvious that it requires a massive movement and united struggle to stop the Iranian government and the Iranian capitalists from continuing their violations against the working class. Individual and defensive reactions in the face of the capitalists’ barbarity do not lead to anywhere. The individual struggles limited to workshops and factories must become coordinated and gain a nation-wide dimension. But in order to advance with such a significant mission, awareness and special preparations are necessary among the workers and the barriers ahead must be removed.

Establishing connections amongst progressive labor leaders, unifying them to create more coordination for establishment and expansion of workers’ organizations, uniting the different tendencies within the labor movement around immediate and nation-wide demands, projecting Iranian workers’ demands within current political protests, these are the foundations for a altering the balance of forces in favor of the working class.

Forcing the regime to recognize establishment of independent workers organizations is a priority and in fact the pre-condition for adopting an offensive set of policies and tactics. Hence working class and its allies in progressive social movements are in vital need of pushing back the dictatorship and creating a democratic space for creation of mass, independent organizations.

This year in Iran international day of workers is celebrated after nearly a year of extensive mass protests against the ruling faction of the regime. If the content of these protests in their early days were merely against electoral coup, they rapidly went beyond the Reformers demands, and transformed to an expression of anger and revulsion towards the Islamic regime in its entirety. Although workers and toiling masses have widely participated in these struggles, they still have not had the opportunity to register their presence through their class based organizations. Because of this their demands in the struggles of the past year lacks precision and clarity.

Workers presence as an organized class, and not merely as masses of workers, will qualitatively elevate the democratic capacities of the current struggles. By adopting this strategy working class will create an opportunity to posit itself in the leadership position, to bring about fundamental social changes in the society. Presence of democratic freedoms is vital for advancement of labor movement and formation of a socialist alternative for society at large.

Today Iranian working class is not merely at the very start of the path towards emancipation, but has moved some distance towards it. Iranian workers are aware of their basic rights on a massive scale, and struggle in various manifestations to achieve it. Necessity of organization and solidarity has become the self consciousness of a vast portion of working class. Early embryonic class organizations have been formed within the context of dominant dictatorship and repression, and with the slightest breeze of freedom, and altering of balance of forces will swiftly expand. A number of competent, consistent, bold leaders have been cultivated within workers’ ranks. Socialism has become a substantial, strong tendency for workers. These resources have all been accumulated by the working class. Such gains are the basis for future advancement.

On this international day of workers let us demonstrate to all our collective will for advancing this class struggle, and greet May 1st with evermore mobilization.

Long live May 1st International Workers’ Day

Long Live Freedom, Equality and Workers’ State

Communist Party of Iran, April 2010

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