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Ein Hinweis auf zwei Texte aus der radikalen Linken in Israel

Posted by entdinglichung - 6. Juni 2010

flotilla atrocity stirs resistance in israel auf The Commune zu der gestrigen Demo in Tel Aviv:

„At today’s demo in Tel Aviv around 10,000 people attended. These numbers are very impressive for a country of 7 million where there is such powerful opposition from both the far-right national-religious groups and the mainstream. The liberal Palestinian nationalist groups in Israel did not support the demonstration, because Israeli flags were present. However, the Arab left came in force including many Arab Socialists who wore their Arab identity proudly while marching together with Jewish people. At the demo the Palestinian Kafir was widely present and Palestinian flags too. Furthermore Arabic was spoken at the podium of the demonstration. These seem like nothing radical from a European perspective but for the Middle East they are revolutionary and break the barriers of both anti-Jewish hatred and anti-Arab hatred.

Altogether the actions of the Israeli military have given a boost to the left-wing and have really harmed the Israeli State. Signs of the occupation breaking completely were present when after the demonstration a massive fight almost broke out between 200 Ultra-Nationalists and the left-wing protesters. The leftists refused to be intimidated and sung together “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.” The Israeli police needed to bring in huge force including a row of police on horses to prevent a fight. The self-righteous Israeli liberals -who are only capable of mocking the Ultra-Nationalists and also mocking the left-wing while thinking they are the centre of the earth as they live their empty and meaningless life in the cafés of north Tel Aviv – were totally silent.“

The Lesson of the Flotilla Bloodbath: End the Occupation – Position paper of WAC-MAAN about the deaths on the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza auf der Webseite des Workers Advice Center:

„The Middle East is divided today between fundamentalist regimes and dictatorial, pro-American regimes. Between these stones its peoples are ground. Utterly missing, in the public discourse, are the oppression and poverty from which the workers suffer—whether in Egypt, where they demonstrate for a raise in the minimum wage, holding loaves of bread aloft before the parliament of Hosni Mubarak; or in Iran, where they struggle against privatization and joblessness under Ahmadinejad. In Turkey also the workers have gone to the streets in recent months, against privatization and unemployment. The workers of the Middle East do not have a party to represent them. Their voice is not heard.

Israel too can hardly be said to seek the good of its citizens. It has no scruples about implementing a policy of privatization, cuts in social services and destruction of the social safety net, all for the benefit of a coterie of tycoons, the real string-pullers. In recent years the number of people who are both employed and poor has grown. Among households with one breadwinner, 36% were beneath the poverty line in 2008/9.

Jews and Arabs alike suffer here, as do people in the rest of the world, from a gloves-off capitalist regime, which discriminates against workers and tramples their rights. The occupation merely sharpens the suffering of both peoples. Solidarity between Jewish and Arab workers is the only way to overcome the cycle of bloodshed. The supreme interest of the workers on both sides of the conflict is to build a political and social alternative, egalitarian and humane, against a right-wing Zionist chauvinism and an Islamic fundamentalism that are leading both peoples into catastrophe.“

2 Antworten zu “Ein Hinweis auf zwei Texte aus der radikalen Linken in Israel”

  1. Jack the said

    Israel proper hat nur 4,4 Millionen Einwohner. 7,7 wären es unter Einbeziehung der besetzten Gebiete

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