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Bergarbeiterstreik in Parvardeh (Bezirk Tabas/Iran)

Posted by entdinglichung - 8. Juni 2010

Quelle: RAHANA, die gleiche Webseite meldet auch, dass der Gewerkschaftsaktivist Pezhman Rahimi in Ahvaz unter dem Vorwurf von „anti-national security actions by inciting labor unrest“ zu sieben Jahren Knast und 40 Peitschenhieben verurteilt wurde:

Tabas Coal Miners Go on Strike over Low Wages

RAHANA – Based on the decision of the Employment Council, miners of Tabas state-owned coal mines only receive 300,000 toomans monthly (approximately $300).

The coal mines are in Parvardeh which is located 70 Kilometers away from Tabas. The mines are operated by the Ministry of Industry, and several private companies such as Artik, Madanjou and Negin which all have connections to the senior authorities of the Ministry.

Although miners work under severe weather conditions of the desert, they still receive only 300,000 toomans ($300) in wages.

Following the announcement of their plan to strike, the security authorities prevented the buses from transporting thousands of workers to the city. They were planning to strike in front of the governor’s office. As a result of this, the workers decided to go to the city on foot. After traveling for 3 Kilometers, the Mayor of Tabas (former Army Commander) showed up and prevented them from continuing their march to the city.

The workers plan to stage a sit-in in front of the governor’s office with their families, if their demands are not met by next week.

It is important to note that since the beginning of the New Year in Iran, workers have constantly protested the minimum wages set by the government. However, the government has not yet responded to workers’ demands.

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