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Die Verlogenheit der religiösen Rechten in den USA

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. August 2010

Ein Artikel von Daniel Schultz im heutigen Guardian bringt es gut auf den Punkt:

„The evangelical activist and historian Randall Balmer spilled the beans back in 2006 about what he called „the abortion myth“: Contrary to what its leaders would have you believe, opposition to legalised abortion was not the organising principle behind the religious right. Abortion was an after-the-fact justification – and sustaining principle – of a movement mobilised largely in response to a 1975 IRS attempt to lift the tax-exempt status of racially segregated Christian schools such as Bob Jones University.“

… daher auch kaum verwunderlich, dass es zwischen der rassistisch-populistischen Tea Party-Bewegung und der Religious Right personell wie inhaltlich signifikante Überschneidungen gibt

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Iran-Update 17.08. 2010 – Marg Bar Jomhuriye Eslami!

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. August 2010

1.) Ein Interview mit Mina Ahadi zur Steinigung von Frauen

… für das Leben und die Freiheit von Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani, ein weiterer Aktionstag ist für den 28. August angesetzt

2.) Auch Azar Bagheri ist von der Ermordung durch Steinigung bedroht (Révolution en Iran)

3.) Den politischen Gefangenen im Evin-Knast in Tehran werden derzeit Verwandten- und Moscheebesuche verweigert, zwei meldungen dazu hier und hier auf Julias Blog

4.) Die neue Workers‘ Voice der CP Iran hier (pdf-Datei)

5.) Nachfolgend dokumentiert der Text eines Flugblattes, welches am 12. august in Tehran verteilt wurde (Quelle: IASWI):

Report on leaflet distribution in Tehran about Reza Shahabi’s arrest

After 43 days of Reza Shahabi’s arrest,- he’s a worker of Vahed Bus Co. of Tehran, today Tuesday 12th of Mordad, a huge amount of leaflets,- authored by “ A Group of Workers and Labour Activists in Iran,”-, were distributed.

This statement which condemns Reza Shahabi’s arrest emphasizes workers’ initiatives to release him and other incarcerated workers from captivity, while continuing workers’ struggle to achieve their demands, was produced on a two-sided single sheet and distributed amongst the bus drivers throughout Tehran.

In this action which took about six hours, the areas covered were: B.R.T. line of Azadi-Tehran Pars (at two points), B.R.T. line of Azadi-Khaavaraan (at three points), bus stops and the administrative building of Vahed Bus Co. of Tehran (Reza’s work site and where he was kidnapped from) and Freedom Square.

This action was carried out by teams of workers, and except in one instance, all drivers received the leaflets, and more than 70% of them welcomed support work on behalf of Reza Shahabi. Towards the conclusion of this action, around Freedom Square (where express buses # 1 and 2 start their route) many workers expressed support for this action, and mentioned how Reza Shahabi had been active defending workers‘ rights.

The distribution group while demanding an immediate and unconditional release of Shahabi and all other jailed workers, considers its responsibility to undertake all types of support actions for all incarcerated workers including Reza Shahabi. We shall steadfastly continue to support our militant workers and their families facing pressures, intimidation and incarceration, and not leave them alone.

Distribution group of statement condemning Reza Shahabi’s arrest

Is Reza Shahabi being forgotten?

It’s been a long while since Reza Shahabi has had any contact with his family. The last time they met, -inside the ludicrous Ward 209 of Evin prison-, he had complained about severe neck and back pains.

Prior to being kidnapped in broad day light from Vahed Bus Co. headquarters by the mercenaries of Capital,- he was lured to a meeting in that location by Vahed Bus Co.’s. Security to “discuss” his employment status-, Reza was on sick leave, recovering from grave physical discomfort.

While on sick leave he was tricked into reporting back, and subsequently abducted as soon as he showed up. Since then he’s been incarcerated in the notorious Ward 209 of Evin prison, a ward directly associated with and supervised by the Intelligence Ministry.

Reza’s spouse and his attorney have repeatedly gone to the court located within Evin prison, but haven’t received any information whatsoever about Reza’s condition in prison or the charges against him.

Reza Shahabi is a member of the Bus Drivers’ Syndicate’s Board of Directors, but much more significant than being a leading member of his organization, he belongs to that breed of workers that in the past few years have fought indefatigably for bus drivers’ rights, day in and day out.

Reza is guilty! His crime is being a human!

Reza is guilty! His crime is that he has strived to defend workers’ right and their minimal demands!

Reza is guilty! Because he refused to be humiliated!

Reza is guilty! Because in addition to providing a minimal comfortable life for his own children, he wants other workers’ children as well to also enjoy the same minimal benefits of a humane life!

One who endeavors to defend workers’ rights is not tolerated by the Capitalists and their government.

Iranian Capitalism like any other Capitalist governments utilizes police, the security apparatuses, incarceration and the court system to crush workers.

From Capitalists’ point of view Reza is guilty!

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Nachrichtensammlung zu den Kämpfen in Südasien

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. August 2010

Repression und Widerstand auf dem indischen Subkontinent werden von grossen Teilen der Linken in Europa wenig beachtet … daher hier ein kleiner Versuch Abhilfe zu schaffen


– Jairus Banaji: The Maoist insurgency in India: End of the road for Indian Stalinism? (Radical Socialist)
– Arindam Sen: ‘Maoism’, State and the Communist Movement in India (ESSF)
– Gladson Dungdung: The cold-blooded murder in Jharkhand (Sanhati)
– Trupti Shah: Religious Fundamentalisms and Communalism: The Case of Sahiyar (AWID)
Response of various left formations to the Lalgarh rally by Mamata Banerjee and CPI(M) mini congress in Vijaywada (Sanhati)
GurgaonWorkersNews no.29 – August 2010
Commonwealth Games: Corrupt, Wasteful and Exploitative Continuation of a Colonial Legacy (CPI/ML-Liberation)
* Fian International: Government of Kerala (India) forms tribunal to claim US $ 46 million compensation from Coca-Cola (ESSF)
* Neuer Regierungsbericht verurteilt kontroverse Bauxitmine (Survival International)
* Tamil Nadu: Domestic workers plan to conduct State-wide stir (The Hindu)


Appeal issued on August 12, 2010: It is over 20 million people affected by the flood now (LPP)
– Shafiq Ahmed: Jihadis as philanthropists (Viewpoint Online)
* Another new union organized in Coca-Cola Pakistan, this time in Faisalabad (IUF)


Wut auf faulen Mindestlohn-Kompromiss in Bangladesh (FAU-IAA)
Bangladeshi Women Garment Workers Strike for $72 per month (Labor Notes)
Bangladesh Arrests 21 After Rallies (NY Times)
PBCP leader killed (Daily Star)
* Bangladesh labour leaders fearing for physical safety (Clean Clothes Campaign)

Sri Lanka:

– Vikramabahu „Bahu“ Karunaratne: Lankan workers have begun their struggle! (ESSF)
– Vikramabahu „Bahu“ Karunaratne: Sri Lanka: Worms in UNP want internal election (ESSF)
* Sri Lanka wildlife vets go on strike (BBC)


Women Rebel (Louis Project)

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