… alle Verhältnisse umzuwerfen, in denen der Mensch ein erniedrigtes, ein geknechtetes, ein verlassenes, ein verächtliches Wesen ist … (Marx)

Nachrichtensammlung zu den Kämpfen in Südasien

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. August 2010

Repression und Widerstand auf dem indischen Subkontinent werden von grossen Teilen der Linken in Europa wenig beachtet … daher hier ein kleiner Versuch Abhilfe zu schaffen


– Jairus Banaji: The Maoist insurgency in India: End of the road for Indian Stalinism? (Radical Socialist)
– Arindam Sen: ‘Maoism’, State and the Communist Movement in India (ESSF)
– Gladson Dungdung: The cold-blooded murder in Jharkhand (Sanhati)
– Trupti Shah: Religious Fundamentalisms and Communalism: The Case of Sahiyar (AWID)
Response of various left formations to the Lalgarh rally by Mamata Banerjee and CPI(M) mini congress in Vijaywada (Sanhati)
GurgaonWorkersNews no.29 – August 2010
Commonwealth Games: Corrupt, Wasteful and Exploitative Continuation of a Colonial Legacy (CPI/ML-Liberation)
* Fian International: Government of Kerala (India) forms tribunal to claim US $ 46 million compensation from Coca-Cola (ESSF)
* Neuer Regierungsbericht verurteilt kontroverse Bauxitmine (Survival International)
* Tamil Nadu: Domestic workers plan to conduct State-wide stir (The Hindu)


Appeal issued on August 12, 2010: It is over 20 million people affected by the flood now (LPP)
– Shafiq Ahmed: Jihadis as philanthropists (Viewpoint Online)
* Another new union organized in Coca-Cola Pakistan, this time in Faisalabad (IUF)


Wut auf faulen Mindestlohn-Kompromiss in Bangladesh (FAU-IAA)
Bangladeshi Women Garment Workers Strike for $72 per month (Labor Notes)
Bangladesh Arrests 21 After Rallies (NY Times)
PBCP leader killed (Daily Star)
* Bangladesh labour leaders fearing for physical safety (Clean Clothes Campaign)

Sri Lanka:

– Vikramabahu „Bahu“ Karunaratne: Lankan workers have begun their struggle! (ESSF)
– Vikramabahu „Bahu“ Karunaratne: Sri Lanka: Worms in UNP want internal election (ESSF)
* Sri Lanka wildlife vets go on strike (BBC)


Women Rebel (Louis Project)

Eine Antwort zu “Nachrichtensammlung zu den Kämpfen in Südasien”

  1. Bernhard T. said

    vgl. „Workers Vanguard“ Nr. 962
    vom 30. Juli 2010


    Down With Government War on Maoists, Tribal Peoples!

    Only Workers Revolution Can Liberate the Indian Masses

    In a military offensive that began late last year, the government of India has mobilized up to 100,000 heavily armed police backed by the army in an attempt to crush Maoist guerrilla forces in the country’s eastern and central interior. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of the Congress Party, which leads the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) coalition regime, has called the insurgency led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist)—hereafter referred to as CPI (Maoist)—“the single biggest internal security challenge ever faced by our country.” Government sources state that the Maoists are active in nearly a third of India’s administrative districts, stretching from the northern border with Nepal south to Andhra Pradesh.

    Forts. unter http://www.spartacist.org/english/wv/962/india.html

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