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Lesehinweise zum Thema „Taliban“

Posted by entdinglichung - 2. Oktober 2010

einige neue Artikel zum Thema

* Farooq Sulehria: Three myths about Taliban (Viewpoint)

„The anti-imperialism currently on display in the Muslim world is symbol rather than substance, signifying a new phase in the relations between two estranged lovers, fundamentalism and imperialism. The anti-imperialism of religious forces thus actually serves imperialism in the current global scenario. It is the anti-imperialism of fools, if at all.“

* Ali Arqam: Taliban vs Pashtuns (Viewpoint)

„Taliban are not by any means a representation of pashtuns as what we are witnessing today in the shape of the barbaric Talibanized militant values are not of hospitality and sanctuary as well as regard for women, children and family.“

* Farhat Taj: The case of Orakzai (Viewpoint)

„Both Shias and Sunnis all over Orakzai suffered atrocities at hands of the Taliban. The Taliban, especially those linked with the Punjab-based anti- Shia groups did everything to divide Orakzai on Shia-Sunni lines. No state help whatsoever was ever provided by the civil or military authorities to the Ali Khels for their anti-Taliban stance before or after the assassination of their tribal leadership.“

* Ishtiaq Ahmed: The Talibanization of Pakistan: threat abated! (Viewpoint)

„In some statements by the power elite, the threat from the Taliban was described as more serious than that posed by India. Frightened citizens began to discuss the Taliban scourge in their private circles.“

* C.M. Sennott: Taxpayer money funneled to Taliban (RAWA/Global Post)

„USAID report finds Afghan subcontractors were likely paying a „protection tax“ to local insurgents, including the Taliban.“

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Streik der Textil-ArbeiterInnen in Ludhiana setzt Forderungen durch

Posted by entdinglichung - 2. Oktober 2010

Quelle des nachfolgend dokumentierten Artikels und weitere Infos: Sanhati

Ludhiana – Workers of power loom factories on strike

September 30 : A magnificent victory of the power loom workers of Ludhiana

The power loom workers of Ludhiana’s Gaushala, Kashmir Nagar and Madhopuri areas gained a magnificent victory on the 15th day (30th September) of their strike under the leadership of the Karkhana Mazdoor Union (KMU) .The factory owners had to relent under the combined strength of the workers. A representative group of the owners of 26 factories held a meeting with the workers’ representatives for negotiations in presence of the Assistant Labour Commissioner and finally they agreed to sign a written agreement. As per the agreement a hike of 11-12 percent in the piece rate/salary has been promised for the different categories of power loom workers. The agreement would be implemented in all the 59 factories whose workers were participating in the strike. After the signing of the agreement the workers decided to call of their 15 day long strike and to join the work from 1st October.

This is the third phase of the successful strikes of the power loom workers of Ludhiana under the leadership of the Karkhana Mazdoor Union (KMU). Earlier the workers of the 42 power loom factories of Shaktinagar, Tibba road forced the factory owners to accept to their demands after 8 day long strike from 24th August to 31st August. This was followed by another successful strike in Jindal Textile factory. In the history of last 18 years of Ludhiana’s labour movement it is the first occasion when the workers have achieved a worthwhile success against the combined might of the factory owners. There has been a new awakening among the workers of Ludhiana after these recent successes. Much more significant than the monetary hike is the fact that the workers have now managed to form their militant organisation. It is the organization which is the main weapon with the workers for ensuring that the agreement is properly implemented and also it would act as a platform in future for uniting the workers on the various issues affecting their life and livelihood.

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