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Lesehinweise zum Thema „Taliban“

Posted by entdinglichung - 2. Oktober 2010

einige neue Artikel zum Thema

* Farooq Sulehria: Three myths about Taliban (Viewpoint)

„The anti-imperialism currently on display in the Muslim world is symbol rather than substance, signifying a new phase in the relations between two estranged lovers, fundamentalism and imperialism. The anti-imperialism of religious forces thus actually serves imperialism in the current global scenario. It is the anti-imperialism of fools, if at all.“

* Ali Arqam: Taliban vs Pashtuns (Viewpoint)

„Taliban are not by any means a representation of pashtuns as what we are witnessing today in the shape of the barbaric Talibanized militant values are not of hospitality and sanctuary as well as regard for women, children and family.“

* Farhat Taj: The case of Orakzai (Viewpoint)

„Both Shias and Sunnis all over Orakzai suffered atrocities at hands of the Taliban. The Taliban, especially those linked with the Punjab-based anti- Shia groups did everything to divide Orakzai on Shia-Sunni lines. No state help whatsoever was ever provided by the civil or military authorities to the Ali Khels for their anti-Taliban stance before or after the assassination of their tribal leadership.“

* Ishtiaq Ahmed: The Talibanization of Pakistan: threat abated! (Viewpoint)

„In some statements by the power elite, the threat from the Taliban was described as more serious than that posed by India. Frightened citizens began to discuss the Taliban scourge in their private circles.“

* C.M. Sennott: Taxpayer money funneled to Taliban (RAWA/Global Post)

„USAID report finds Afghan subcontractors were likely paying a „protection tax“ to local insurgents, including the Taliban.“

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