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Claude Lefort (1924-2010)

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Claude Lefort (Claude Montal), antifaschistischer Widerstandskämpfer in den Reihen der PCI, 1949 Mitbegründer von Socialisme ou Barbarie (SoB) und 1958 von Informations et liaisons ouvrières/Informations et correspondances ouvrières und später liberaler Totalitarismus-„Theoretiker“ starb gestern im Alter von 86 Jahren in Paris. Eine Reihe seiner frühen linksradikalen Texte findet mensch bei Bataille Socialiste, darunter auch den von ihm verfassten programmatischen S0B-Text Die proletarische Erfahrung (pdf-Datei) von 1952.

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… ;-) … mehr zum Thema hier und hier

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Zur Situation der Flüchtlinge aus Bhutan

Posted by entdinglichung - 5. Oktober 2010

Das Königreich Bhutan wird vielfach als buddhistisches Märchenland, wo die Welt noch in Ordnung ist dargestellt. Das dem nicht so ist zeigt u.a. der folgende Aufruf, gefunden auf der Radical Socialist-Webseite:

Demonstration von Flüchtlingen aus Bhutan, 2007

Support the cause of the Bhutanese refugees!

“ …

We have come to know from media reports that the University of Calcutta has invited the King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, to deliver the convocation address scheduled to be held on 5 October 2010.

You are perhaps aware that there are about 108,000 Bhutanese people living in seven refugee camps in Nepal and about 20,000 more are living as undocumented refugees in India, most of them in West Bengal.

The Bhutanese authorities have not allowed a single refugee to return. Moreover, the treatment of the Bhutanese government towards the rest of the people of Nepali origin and other ethnic minorities, who still live in Bhutan, suggests that the basic rights of this community cannot be guaranteed. The UNHCR camps at Jhapa, Nepal, fall terribly short in both material and psychological aspects of civil life. Already, the community has grown into the second generation, and maybe the third, and there is visible dearth of space, with its natural accompanying problems. There is little scope for the refugees to be involved in any productive work. Frustration and restlessness due to the lack of livelihood is acute among the younger generation. The young women in these camps are in a particularly vulnerable situation, and there are disturbing reports of gender-based violence and trafficking.

We would therefore request you to please forward this appeal to the Bhutan king to ensure the refugees’ right to return and protection of the life and livelihood of the ethnic minorities in Bhutan.


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