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Shahla Jahed vom iranischen Staat ermordet

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. Dezember 2010

Shahla Jahed ist tot … sie wurde heute morgen vom patriarchalen religiösen Regime im Iran im Evin-Knast in Tehran hingerichtet.

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Das Imperium ist nicht allmächtig

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. Dezember 2010

Wie gestern berichtet, hatten die Londoner Cops im Vorfeld der gestrigen Studi- und SchülerInnenproteste angekündigt, das Ganze mittels eines Polizeikessels einzudämmen … was offenbar nicht geklappt hat (hat tip to Liam):

„Echo Station 3T8: Haben Imperiale Kampfläufer gesichtet!“

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Vermischtes aus der BRD-Linken

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. Dezember 2010

* Ein Flugblatt des RSB/IV. Internationale – Ruhr zu Sarrazin & Co.

* Eine Broschüre zur IAA und den Konflikten in dieser ist beim Syndikat-A Medienvertrieb erschienen

* Avanti – Projekt Undogmatische Linke Berlin will von der der Krise zum kollektiven Handeln kommen

* jetzt auch auf deutsch: Studenten und Arbeiterdemonstrationen: Wir müssen den Kampf selbst kontrollieren! von der IKS

* Am Ende nur Rote Karten an der Siegessäule von Peter Nowak auf trend

* Bitte ergänzen!

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KP Iran zur derzeitigen Repression gegen die iranische ArbeiterInnenbewegung

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. Dezember 2010

Quelle: Webseite des Abroad Committee of the Communist Party of Iran

Freedom of Labor Movement Activists and Other Political and Social Activists Requires a United Fight

The Islamic regime has once again intensified the pressure on the Iranian labor movement by persecuting, arresting, attacking, trying and imprisoning the labor activists. The arrest and incarceration of Gholamreza Gholamhoseini and Homayoon Jaberi, two members of the workers syndicate of Vahed Bus Company, the arrest of Saeed Torabian, the responsible for public relations and a member on the executive board of the same syndicate, who is one day later released on bail, the arrest of Sedigh Khosravi and Ibrahim Ismaili, two members of the Coordinating Committee to Form Labor Unions in the town of Naghadeh are cases of these kinds of pressures. Reza Shahabi, another member on the executive board of the Vahed Company workers syndicate is still behind the bars despite paying a sixty million Toman bail. Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, a member of the Committee to Form Labor Unions is still in the section 350 of Evin prison in a state of uncertainty and Ebrahim Madadi and Mansour Osanloo have not yet been released after spending a long time in prison.

These pressures are not limited to the labor movement only. During the recent weeks and along with the step-up of security measures in the society, the Islamic regime has arrested and imprisoned a number of activists in the students’ and women’s movements. In the past week, five lawyers have been charged with false accusations, arbitrarily arrested and transferred to Evin Prison.

These pressures, particularly on the labor movement at this time, are part of a deliberate and long-term policy by the Islamic regime. The regime sees the continuing political crises, the deepening economic crisis and consequently the increasingly emerging backgrounds for the growth of labor and masses’ movements and it is deeply worried about the conscious role of the labor movement led by its capable leaders in the heart of these situations. The regime has militarized the society and has targeted the labor and other social movements by its oppressive measures in order to eliminate the risk of any possible social riots that could lead to its destruction.

The aim of the regime from these pressures on the labor leaders and activists is to force them to leave the battlefield and go to exile. The Islamic capitalist regime is fully aware of the important role the labor leaders and activists have in leading and organizing the workers‘ struggles. The aim of the regime is to deprive the labor movement from its activists who are born and have become experienced from the heart of the labor struggles in the society during the recent years. The Iranian working class vitally needs the presence of its leaders and activists in its fights against the regime. In order to push back the regime and neutralize its policies, it is necessary to act on two levels.

First, the labor movement’s leaders and pioneers who advance with their struggles only in the context of this movement need to act coordinately and prudently in order to be able to neutralize the regime’s policies. The socialists and radical leaders and pioneers in the labor movement need, in the face of the regime’s attacks, to defend and keep the achievements they have obtained by enduring imprisonment, torture, sacrifices and hardships. Two independent labor syndicates and other unions and organizations that have brought these labor activists and leaders together are parts of these valuable achievements by the labor movements. These achievements despite any weakness or shortcomings that they might have must be defended and kept.

The labor movement has raised a new generation of labor leaders and activists in the last seven years. The Iranian working class needs these leaders vitally in its coming struggles. The regime must not be allowed to exclude these leaders and activists from the working centers and workers’ struggles. The intertwined networks of labor activists in different cities and working centers, who have somewhat extensive relations, are another part of these achievements. Having these networks is of great importance and influence for turning the labor struggles countrywide. Keeping these valuable achievements requires from all the independent labor unions and organizations and different leftist trends within the labor movement to act together and united in order to push back the oppressive and anti-worker policies of the Islamic regime in Iran.

Second, the current delicate situation in Iran and the fight against the regime’s oppressive policies require the united and coordinated participation of all the leftist and communist parties and organizations, pro-worker institutions, the organizations that are supporting the freedom-seeking movements of the Iranian people as well as all the individual leftist and communist activists who wish to reinforce the labor movement and the Iranian people’s fight for freedom, despite any clear differences that they may have. Organizing massive protests and broad political and support campaigns by all these political forces against the regime’s policies will be much more effective in putting pressure on the Islamic Regime than disperse organizational campaigns. The Iranian leftist and communist forces can in this way appear in a united political pole against the Islamic regime, against all the reformists within the government and all the bourgeois opposition forces and at the same time maintain their organizational independence. On the other hand, by doing this the Iranian leftist and communist movement can in accordance with the social credibility that it owns in the society utilize its real capacities.

The communist party of Iran once again stresses on the importance and necessity for this kind of cooperation and united work and at the same time announces its readiness for involvement in a united work and welcomes all the existing forces in the Iranian leftist and communist movement in this regard.

Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Long Live Freedom, Equality and Workers’ Government!

Long Live Socialism!

Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran, November 20th, 2010

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