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The Commune Nr 20, Januar 2011

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. Januar 2011

Die neue The Commune, als pdf-Datei hier

Die Artikel im einzelnen:


* the truth about julian assange – Adam Ford writes on the WikiLeaks saga

* tommy sheridan’s celebrity socialism – Allan Armstrong on the politics behind the perjury trial


* unite cans heinz strike – Alfred Stevens on the end of the Wigan Heinz dispute (updated/abridged in PDF)

* PM: ‘striking never achieves anything’ – Sharon Borthwick didn’t think much of David Cameron’s advice to striking workers

* ‘no cuts?’ ‘no chance!’ – David Huckerby on Sheffield Homes’ cuts plans

* an image of the big society? – ‘Lady Stardust’ looks at the cooperatively-run Woodberry Down Community Library

* the global commune – 29th January Edinburgh meeting on trade unionism

Student movement

* education: their vote isn’t the end of our struggle – editorial of The Commune

* student occupations pamphlet: a call for contributions

* can student struggles engage with campus staff? – students’ and workers’ struggles at Bristol university

* build the movement or build the party? – Sinead Rylance saw sectarianism at play in the KCL occupation

* LSE occupation: 1968 and all that – Jack Staunton saw more hope in the college students’ protests than the occupation at his uni

* mobilisation versus representation – Joe Thorne looks at the conflicting dynamics of the November-December student movement and the role of the left

* hope against hope: a necessary betrayal – Nic Beuret looks at the aspirations of the student movement beyond ‘freezing the fees’


* where next for network x? – Daniel Gray reports on the activist gathering in Manchester

* feminism, organisation and class struggle – a day of discussion and mutual exchange, London, 20th February

* issue two of the educator

* our platform

* our meetings


* from celtic tiger to death by a thousand cuts – Ronan McAoidh on the economic and political crisis engulfing Ireland

* a french thatcher? the rise of nicolas sarkozy – Noé le Blanc reports on the record of the new right in France

* from palace coup to revolution – Camille Boudjak reports on the mass revolt in Tunisia

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Freiheit für Moshrefa Mishu!

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. Januar 2011

Die Quelle des nachfolgend dokumentierten Aufrufes ist LabourStart (wo auch eine Petition abgeschickt werden kann), weitere Informationen auf der Webseite der Asian Human Rights Commission

Bangladesh: Free Moshrefa Mishu

Moshrefa Mishu.Moshrefa Mishu, President of the Garment Workers Unity Forum (GWUF), a trade union of the ready-made garment sector, was illegally arrested on 14 December 2010. The arrest occurred after mass protests of garment workers demanding the implementation of the increased minimum wage. While there was no warrant at the time of her arrest, Mishu is now facing three fabricated criminal charges. She has been ill-treated and threatened with death while in detention, and the police did not allow her to take necessary medicines with her. Mishu’s health has deteriorated as a result of ill-treatment and the subsequent denial of adequate medical treatment by politically-motivated doctors while in detention. It is urgent to intervene by insisting that the Government of Bangladesh immediately release Mishu Moshrefa and to drop the fabricated charges.

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Einige Lesehinweise zur Revolte in Tunesien und umzu

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. Januar 2011

* Kommunistische Arbeiterpartei Tunesiens: Die Tyrannei ganz zerschlagen (DKP)

* Al Mounadil-a: All the victory to the Tunisian Revolution; the forefront of the revolution in the North of Africa and the Middle East (International Viewpoint):

„- Do not trust those who remained from the gang of Ben Ali! Beware of liberal political forces that are very eager to ride on people’s victory! All the power to the revolutionary people! This is the slogan that should unite all Tunisian revolutionaries.

– For a second, third, fourth, and fifth Tunisia! Against the tyrannical regimes sponsoring division! For a Great Democratic United and Socialist Maghreb! These are the slogans that should unite the revolutionaries in the Great Maghreb.

– All the victory to the Tunisian Revolution; the forefront of the revolution in the North of Africa and the Middle East.“

* Parti socialiste des travailleurs (PST, Algerien): No to neoliberalism! No to the free market! For a politics that serves the needs of the people! (International Viewpoint)

* Union Générale Tunisienne du Travail (UGTT): Statement of the National Administrative Commission, 18.01. 2011 (pdf-Datei)

* Parti du Travail Patriotique et Démocratique (PTPD): Situation et tâches en Tunisie : Déclaration (Extraits) (ESSF)

* Tunesien: Die Revolution ist noch nicht zu Ende (Anarkismo)

* Opposition tunisienne : les forces en présence (Le Figaro)

* Après la Tunisie… la Galaxie !!! (Le Jura Libertaire)

* Brian Whitaker: Without God on our side (Guardian)

„One of the most refreshing things about the Tunisian uprising – and very unusual for the Middle East – has been the lack of meddling by external interests. Apart from a few mouse-like squeaks from the state department, the US stayed out of it and so too did God, along with his self-appointed representatives on earth.

In most Arab countries, Islamists are seen as the main alternative to existing regimes – which suits the regimes fine because it scares people into supporting them. In Tunisia, though, as George Joffe explained, the organisational strength of the uprising came mainly from the country’s biggest trade union, the UGTT, with students and thousands of disaffected citizens also joining in. The rhetoric was broadly leftist rather than religious.

Hopefully, what Tunisia can provide for the Middle East is a new model – a secular alternative to the Iranian revolution. There are no ayatollahs waiting in the wings. The Islamists will probably to resurface after two decades of suppression, but there are no indications that they have a large popular following in Tunisia and they are unlikely to play anything more than a minor role in the country’s political future.

If the Tunisian revolution continues on its current path, we could even see the beginnings of a post-Islamist phase in the Arab countries.“

* Tunisia as a paradigm (New Left Project)

* Nadim Mahjoub: No to fake new regime (Weekly Worker)

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